Mahjong Solitaire pm4 – On the way to Shanghai Mahjong Master

[Game] Mahjong Solitaire pm4

Mahjong Solitaire pm4Mahjong Solitaire pm4  is a free board game that matches mahjong cards.

Mahjong Solitaire has paintings and handicrafts using beautiful flowers.

You can match with a beautiful mahjong card.
Just remove the mahjong cards of the same figure.

It is a board game that matches both mahjong cards.

Enjoy a simple, yet addictive game with a beautiful Mahjong card to bring you luck.

Mahjong Solitaire will guide you on the way to Shanghai Mahjong Master.

960 different maps
4 themes
6 beautiful cards
Games without time limits

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Mahjong Solitaire pm4 user reviews :

Its a four, there are some ads not too many like some games. Also there is a timer but no limit I’ve found yet. I think it’s so you can go back to that game to try and beat your own score. You can’t fail because when there’s no matches left it shuffles them. The pictures can make you go cross eyed but that just adds to the fun and concentration of the game. Highly recommended if you don’t mind a few ads

Just starting, fairly good so far…. Ok, this is by far the best Mahjong I have found to date. I play daily with a good friend and we have a blast!! There ain’t but one thing, but it is ok though, it’s the start. Most Mahjong games are set up, clock starts and away you go. I would set up, then when you are ready, the clock would start on your first move. As I say, it ain’t much, but every “second” counts! Whenever I get the “bought” version, then I will post five Stars.

The art work is beautiful and the music is soothing. The ads don’t last long like they do on some games.

Fun and relaxing. Helps build quick reflexes with yr eyes. Which is needed for the crazy drivers in the world, haha.

I like it so far! It’s fun, and it’s not a constant stream of ads like so many other games.

I love all of the pictures. They are pretty. The pics. Keeps me wanting to play. I really love this Mahjong game! No problems with it at all. Thank you for making a great game that is very nice to look at.

Love games by pm4, they are easy to navigate and a lot of fun. Great way to relax and unwind

I love this but sometimes my eyes are just so bad no matter size i have double vision and it runs things together like now and i keep going back to text plus i sometimes more oftten push wrong buttons but i still love it

I’m enjoying this game. There are no flashing or moving objects to distract my attention. I wish you had an option to not use the timer…that takes away from the relaxation I’m trying to achieve while playing the game. You’re not constantly bombarded by annoying, flashing ads or ads popping up in middle of game. WILL THERE BE MORE LEVELS ADDED WHEN I SOLVE THE 6 LEVELS OF 160 GAMES?

Love it ,and i can actually see the blocks others are so small it takes more time to just see the matches . Thank you

Very fun! Forces you to think fast. Love the tile pictures.

I love this game! The tiles are the right size my bad eyesight. It’s fun and engaging. Do NOT change a thing

Easy to play, doesn’t seem to have doubles that affect the outcome. One thing I really disliked is the animation of the board; once you clear some tiles off, the size of the board is gradually readjusted to the size of your screen. Totally unnecessary and it makes me dizzy!

Love this game! Makes me think. Want to improve your mind download this game! Good job on this game

Times goes fast and to get 3 stars you have to be a speedy machine, it starts to be boring if you click and click on tiles and no matter how fast you are you get one star and wonder what the hell I am losing my time for? Game has to be fun and rewarding. I am out of this one.

I’ve beaten 5 other versions of Mahjong and deleted them to play a different one. This one is by far the most challenging which I love. I’m not beating every board in less than 2 and a half minutes. So this version so far is the best.

Very interesting game. A bit challenging but learn as I go. Thank you.

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