Mahjongg Dimensions – Find and pair matching tiles

[Game] Mahjongg Dimensions – Arkadium’s 3D Puzzle Mahjong

Mahjongg Dimensions  Arkadium’s Mahjongg Dimensions -The Original Fast Matching Mahjong 3D Puzzle Game

Mahjongg Dimensions, brought to you by Arkadium, is the first and original Mahjong matching game in the world. Not only that, we took it to another level by adding in a 3D puzzle game, that’s what makes it unique!

Here is how it works:
When you log into the game, the clock starts. The next thing that happens will amaze you; mahjong style tiles falling from the sky piling up in a unique formation for you to solve. Don’t be too scared, from here this game is truly a breeze. Tap on the tiles that look the same to match the tiles. Then, the magic happens, you won points!

Oh wait, did you think the game was over? No way! Do you want to gain a multiplier? Well now you can with the X5 Multi Match and SPEED MATCH COMBO. Here is how this works. You gain X2 points if you complete a match within 3 seconds of your other match. You can also gain X5 points by simply creating a match in the same row. Truly easy original gamelplay.


Find and pair matching tiles
Rotate 3D puzzle board to find more matching tile pairs
Remember: you cannot match tiles that are blocked by other tiles on the left or right sides
Match tiles as quickly to complete as many levels as you can before the time runs out!

Mahjongg Dimensions is a fan favorite among our players. Inspired by mahjong, this new game version is an exciting twist on an old classic.

Mahjong is a classic Chinese tile matching game which has been adopted by game players around the globe. Mahjong originated in China during the Qing dynasty, making the game of mahjong over 2,000 years old! Whether you spell it Mahjong, Mah Jong, or Mahjongg, it makes for hours of fun, relaxing game play!


NEW FEATURE – X5 Multi Match –
The unique Multi Match Combo feature is one of our most exciting features in Mahjongg Dimensions. Get bonus points by matching the same images in a row. This point multiplier will help you defeat as many levels in turbo time.

Unique Gameplay Experience
Our unique and first class gameplay will allow you to see the entire 3D puzzle board with ease. Just tap on two tiles to match them. That’s it!

Race Against The Clock
Match as many tiles as you can with the amount of time given. Complete as many levels as you can before the time runs out.

Rearrange Tiles
You can now rearrange the tiles on the 3D puzzle board once per level. Use this unique feature if you are spending too long looking for a match.

The speed Match Bonus is one of our most exciting features in Mahjongg Dimensions. Get a point multiplier by making a match within 3 seconds of another match. This point multiplier will help you defeat as many levels as you can.

Enjoy Mahjongg Dimensions now!

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Mahjongg Dimensions user user reviews :

I love this game but, I wish that it had more levels with different timers & a relaxing game level just to play with no timers. I have a lot of ideals for this game. I’ve also played the other Mahjongg games, they also have a lot levels & a relaxing game as well. They’re alright to play but, nowhere near as fun, exciting & intriguing as this game here. Please add more!

I like this game! I was tired of the regular Mahjong. Unless it’s my phone doing it, this game appears to restart itself at the first game I already passed as soon as I timeout on another one. And, It would be very nice if an untimed feature was added as an option.

Update the game is working for me now and all is good. I do live this game. I love this game, but as of two nights ago it has now started crashing on my phone and won’t even load up to let me start the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times and it just will not load for me anymore. So disapointed. I really really liked the game when it was working.
  • Arkadium Games
  • I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the game. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

I love this game only.bad thing about this game you have only 6 minutes you should add more minutes on each clear stage or continue with ad or buy coin or use your earn coin like that I dont k ow what you guys are think giving a six minutes it’s not fun playing after keep trying g again and agai. You get tired

Fun game. Nice twist to the original Mahjongg. Can you make additional levels & add some more time onto the countdown clock with the new levels?
  • Arkadium Games
  • We’re happy to hear that you enjoy the game. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope we will add new levels soon. Thank you!

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