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Mall World  Become the ultimate fashionista in Mall World, one of the biggest (and most fashionable) games on Facebook.

Take on the role of a buyer for a stylish boutique and indulge your fantasy to shop like a fashionista. Stock your store with the most fashionable merchandise, expand your boutique, and build up your bank account so that you can purchase more clothes for your own personal use.

Dress Up: Collect thousands of options for dresses, shoes, hairstyles, makeup, and more!
Boutique Decor: Customize your shop and show off your fashion sense.
Wheel of Fashion: Spin to win limited edition and exclusive prizes!
Mystery Boxes: Win unique fashion items in this game of chance.

If you want to make suggestions or tell us your feedback, hit us on Facebook or email us at mallworld[at]

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Mall World user reviews :

entertaining and a bit relaxing. I played it on facebook for many years and I love the fact that I could sync the app up with my facebook account so I didnt have to start all over again. I have noticed some of the outfits I had previously unlocked (a couple years back) are locked now. It would be cool to have the Fashion designer game linked up will mall world again so you can design your own clothes and sell them on mall world. I would love to give some suggestions if you ever want them.
  • Intelly Works
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback and review! We really appreciate it! We will be glad to consider your suggestions. Could you please send them here mallworld[at]
I played this game for years on Facebook and was ecstatic to see it in the app store as well as to see my progress was saved. However, I’m finding that there is cash being made daily but my shelves and hangers are still fully stocked..I added clothes to my shelves weeks ago and they’re still there. Also, I don’t think any new stores have been added to the mall. Lastly, I miss the ability to add friends.
  • Intelly Works
  • Sales system will be improved soon. New stores are added every week as well as collections, gifts etc. As for friends, you need to add friends on Facebook first and they will automatically appear in the game. If you have any other questions, please contact us here mallworld[at]
I’m not able to collect any money despite ordering and placing clothes? Great game though
  • Intelly Works
  • Hello! Please contact support and send us your game ID here mallworld[at] We will try to help.
I really like this game but despite I had received money my shelves are still full and it’s not motivated play this way.
  • Intelly Works
  • Hello! It depends on how many the same items you have in your store. If you have like 50 the same dresses and customer bought one, you will still see these dresses hanging in your store. If you collect money, it means you have sales. Please contact us for more info mallworld[at]
I use to love this app, went through a divorce and stopped playing for many years and haven’t played in a long time. I just started playing again and all of my levels, and most my stuff is gone from before. UPDATE: Everything was fixed and the customer service went above and beyond to make sure that my account was fixed and now I have all my stuff back and more! I love this game and would suggest it to everyone! Thanks to the customer service that helped me! They are awesome!
  • Intelly Works
  • Hello! Please contact us here mallworld[at] and we will try to help!
I love this game but now it won’t even load. It’s so frustrating.
  • Intelly Works
  • Thanks for the 5 stars! We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at mallworld[at] with your details. Include your Game Id, the device you use and when do you encounter the issue. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!
Great app! Loved this game on FB, so I was ecstatic to see it on the app store. One thing I wish was better: I wish we could choose which layer goes where. Like my overalls are “dresses” and shirt go on top of then, when the overalls should be on top .
  • Intelly Works
  • Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions! We are constantly working on game improvements and layering will be fixed soon! Stay tuned!
Mall is fantastic fashion game for fashion lovers and creative people. Love the my fair lady Wall screen absolutely amazing best one for luxury fashion. Is easy to male money and having vip, is reasonable price. Some small issues with the app, can not see the floor when decorating so I end up buy more then I need and when your restocking can not go directly to your next store. It would be nice to have Handbag and accessories store for players. Finally my dog is missing with phone app. Have fun
  • Intelly Works
  • Thank you for your feedback! Please be sure we are constantly working on game improvements and we will fix all mentioned gaps. Pets will be added soon. As for handbag and accessories, we will consider it. Please join our MW Suggestion group and share your store ideas

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