Martial Dominator – Fights against Outer Demons

[Game] Martial Dominator

Martial DominatorJoin us as we celebrate our game store’s Half Anniversary!

In our games, you need to find your memory with your friends on the adventure way. Finally, you recovered your previous memory and created a new memory together with your friends.

These glorious memories and all kinds of hardships have finally transformed you into the main character who fights against “Outer Demons”!

The game focuses on creating a cooperative combat system for pets, with various gameplay systems.
Excellent and smooth strikes

Delicate scene interaction design

Flexible configuration of skill options

A vast and profound worldview

Everything is available! Hurry up and join your best friends on this adventure!

Martial Dominator user reviews :

Exciting leveling and gameplay .. super easy access . . Easy to learn and also easy to play .. have a better graphics than other rpg . Martial Dominator for the ONE

having a hard time to enter the game. i already redownload the game on/off my wifi try to use mobile data cleaning the catched . i am a player so ano what are the things i need to do first.. but its freakin already the games fault !

Plas put a trading system at the game.. and much points for killing those mobbs.. coz we already paying for some legendary gems and weapon.. I’m looking forward to this.. if there is no changes a lot of gamer will stop playing even all my guild member and friends.. Good luck…

I thought this is a good game. I just started but already annoyed by the touch button that isnt precised. I touched the middle guide button but it goes pressed on the left screen of my finger. Its really annoying when i cant even press my skill precisely. Maybe you can fix it for better future

This is not really a game.. i know it’s an idle game but it’s too much of an idle game.. the game literally play on itself, you dont have to click any coz every scenario has countdowns and it automatically move to next.. even tho ther are so many buttons on the screen, all those buttons are straight to VIP recharge, event recharge, equipments recharge.. bruhh.. dont waste your time playing it, go play Legends of Neverland instead if u wanna play a balance Idle and manual gameplay.. it’s ftp too.

Hello guys please fix the bug, it’s annoying because when you start attacking the monster, suddenly your character has stop the attacked. It’s disappointed when you farming the monster that can help to improve your power but you cannot fight back, so that you have no choice for restarting the game. This is my 1st day of playing this game, I hope this game have more improvement, thank you. As of now 3 star only.

I really enjoy playing it. I rate 5 stars because it’s good for me and my cp doesn’t lag, and it’s not hard to learn.

there are few events and the world boss and other dungeons will be given less, there is no problem with the graphics and the play but most of the weak ones or those who have just started playing I’m too lazy to play because of the power equality, I’m jealous. I hope you can fix it, even if it’s just the rate of giving in the events, thanks

I Love this game! You can auto grind and free best rewards! I gave it a 5 stars cause it’s Sooo much fun to play!

It is easy at first but just like MMOROG, Pay to play in the HIGHER levels

Love because it’s so many place and so beautiful game and the character is so good and try to download now

I love the graphics and also the gameplay so smooth and fun

It’s good but I expected to be manual gaming not AFK function but overall it’s awesome

Very Nice Game,, Only one thing can u do perfect matching at merging server,..

well I’d like to suggest to put trade on this game not just auction but player to player trade

I love this game…unlike other related games the design of the characters fashions and soon are very cool but in this game they often merge servers from strongest server…its very unfair..merging of servers is not balance at all..they should merge server according the name first of the server not servers to an old ones even cross server event its not balance.

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