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Marvel Snap Assemble your MARVEL dream team from a super roster of your favorite heroes and villains—then make your move.

MARVEL SNAP is fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, strategic card battler that puts you in control of it all.

No more waiting around! Every game lasts only around three minutes. We cut out the fluff to focus more on the good stuff.

Play your cards at 50+ different locations from across the Marvel Universe, each with iconic game-changing abilities. From Asgard to Wakanda, new locations are introduced weekly to put your creative problem-solving skills to the test.

Feeling confident about your chances of winning? Just “SNAP” to raise the stakes during a match. Hey, even if you’re bluffing—you could double your rewards!

No other game lets you collect, mix, and match hundreds of hero and villain variants from the entire MARVEL Universe—and beyond. You might have a classic comic inspired Iron Man card, but do you also have the Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon variants? Endless art styles let you flex your favorites in unique new ways. You do YOU!

MARVEL SNAP stays fresh and exciting with new cards, new locations, new cosmetics, new season passes, new ranked seasons, new challenges, new missions, and new events on the regular.

Come harness the power of every Cosmic Cube in the Multiverse and see how you measure up against the competition. That’s MARVEL SNAP! See you in game.

Marvel Snap user reviews :

Definitely can be improved in a lot of ways, like a friends system, achievements, win/loss tracking, etc. But I’m surprised at how simple it is to get into, the depth to the gameplay, and the natural progression without microtransactions. I like that Variant cards don’t affect anything gameplay wise, they’re just cool to have, so you can use any variant of a character. Want more games with models like this.

A really good card game! The matches are fast, which makes the gameplay addictive, and the progression system, albeit not perfect, is satisfying. The reason for 3 stars is that there are a lot of QoL changes that could be implemented: a friends list would be nice, for example, and also a way to see how many cards your opponent has in hand without having to tap their icon. Those two things alone would be great, but I’m sure the game will get much better with time anyway. Recommended!

Fantastic game, easy to learn and play. Quick matches with great visuals and audio. After each match you want to play another one. Love the season passes, missions and customisation of the cards. I’m going to be playing this game for a long time. Would like to see clubs/clans added and more milestones which are unique to each card. Would be good to see some stats, like number of wins/losses and world rankings.

Fun gameplay, great art and you can expand your collection without feeling strong armed into dropping a load of cash. Going forward I’d like to see them improve the app experience that surrounds the game. For example, the “Inbox” system they use for limited events, log in bonuses etc is a little clunky when you consider what’s possible in other apps like this. Enjoying it a lot so far and I’m looking forward to see what they have in store in the future.

Love this game! It is quick, no more than 6 min a match. You start off with a free season pass. Cards are randomly obtainable through leveling your collection level. The only thing you really would pay for is the season pass. Simple gameplay, just the use of strategy. Love the artwork of Marvel cards and their alternative art. But one thing I would like to see is that the ability to change your name. Other than that I would love to see this game grow.

Fun and fast gameplay with a full marvel roster, this game ticks most of the boxes! The animations and art of each card is beautiful and continues to get better with each upgrade. The only downfall is trying to remember each cards ability. I find myself in the shop wanting to upgrade a certain card but have to go back into my deck editor and find it just so I can remember the ability attached to it. It can make the upgrading quite cumbersome. But outside of that I really like what I have seen!

First impressions are great. The opening voice acting is nice, the soundtrack variation during battle is a nice touch, and the game is just fun. It’s not a pay to win game, as they don’t shove offers down your throat. Progressing feels a little slow, but unlocking and upgrading cards is always a treat. Easy to pick up, hard to master. All in all, 5 stars, a great Marvel mobile game.

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