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[Game] MasterChef – Cook & Match

MasterChef Welcome to MasterChef, the world-famous cooking game!

Have fun with our cooking simulator and get ready for a real challenge, as classic match 3 gameplay meets fascinating cooking game. Master real recipes, cook the perfect dish like a real chef and impress the judges! Will you be the chef to win the grand title of MasterChef? Prepare your recipes and let’s head to the kitchen!

The game features:

Exciting Match 3 puzzles! Play through match 3 puzzles and blast your way through the opponents!
Mix, match, blast! Up your match 3 game with boosters and other helpful items! Make the right match and clear the grid!
MasterChef Recipes, real recipes! Learn real recipes as they appeared in the MasterChef show. Our cooking simulator lets you prepare delicious meals and complicated dishes using quality ingredients!

Rewards! Play through the match 3 game and the recipes and earn amazing rewards for the recipes you complete!
Be a chef! Follow the instructions of the recipes as you play through the cooking segments of the chef game. Cut onions, pour oil, sauté vegetables and feel like a real chef in this cooking simulator!
Get the highest score! Show your skills in the cooking steps of the recipes and earn the best score in the cooking simulator!

Meet the contestants! You’re not the only chef in this cooking competition. 19 other chefs are also competing for the title of MasterChef! Who is going to be the last chef standing?

Face the challenge! The recipes are the real challenge of this cooking game. Play through every mystery box challenge, the pressure test, the skill test, the team contest and get the highest score of the cooking simulator game.

Impress the judges! The recipes must pass the test of the judges. Is your cooking good enough, or will you be the next chef to leave?
King of the Kitchen! From the recipes of the West to the cooking secrets of the Orient, the recipes in this cooking game are unique.

Get ready for MasterChef, the cooking game that will make a chef out of you! Get in the kitchen, sharpen your knives and learn the real recipes of the cooking simulator. It’s time to put your cooking artistry and match 3 skills to the test! Can you impress the judges? Are your recipes tasty enough? Can you make it through the cooking simulator? Play the game and find out! Are you the one chef to top them all in this thrilling cooking game?

MasterChef : Cook & Match is a free to play match 3 cooking game, with optional in-app purchases available.
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MasterChef user reviews :

As far as match3 goes … The controls and machanics are the same as every other match 3 game. Nothing new… I did however enjoy when it came to excecuting the dish… I wish they would’ve taken that a few steps further… i.e. chopping and slicing making the task a bit more tedious and realistic… (Cut the correct way, in the right place etc…) You would hope to see at least this detail in a game about an art so presice. Its unique approach with timed clicks… It’s on track to great w/work.

This is a fun match 3 game. I like the graphics and the gameplay. I reached level 100 in a couple of days. The levels are getting harder but I have not had too much trouble passing them. I like the cooking theme although the mini cooking games are very short. This is one of the better match 3 games I have played and I have played many over the years. I don’t remember any forced ads in the game.

MAN OH MAN! Nailed it again, MasterChef I feel that pressure throughout the whole preparation, lol. It made me smile and feel the crazy awesomeness that could be expected and felt by contestants when in MasterChef trying to do their best and learn from mistakes. RECIPES, absolutely love and story plot and storytelling is a joy, graphics just above average. Short time on quick mini games to cook if you well established with games such as Homescapes, etc. I made it a shared game with someone.

I originally downloaded this game bc my mom and I used to watch Master Chef and I downloaded it when she passed. I would play it “with” her (I had her picture by me) but I ended up really liking it. I play chef blast and it’s kind of like that only match 3 instead but I like how you have to cook the food. It’s really fun!!

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