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Mastermind  Mastermind is a classic mind game: a secret code is given, and you must figure it out using guesses and the hints provided on the puzzle.

Real Code Breaker is based on the classic board game that is also known as Mastermind, Master Mind, Code Puzzle game, Bulls & Cows and Numerello.

How To Play video:

BOARDS: 480 free puzzles. All boards are free!
DIFFICULTIES: 4 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. The harder the bigger the secret code is – extra challenge!
MODES: on medium you will face repeated colors, while on hard you will face both repeated colors and empty pins.
MULTIPLAYER: you can challenge a friend or a random opponent online – try to solve the code before him!

Enjoy another brain puzzle from Rottz Games.

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Have fun!

Mastermind user reviews :

This is the best mastermind game I have seen, Numerous levels of difficulty from Easy to Extremely hard, so there is a game for everyone’s capabilities. The layout is brilliant very clear & easy to understand. Overall an excellent job by the developers……… At the moment we are having to scroll down to see our different combinations & it is very difficult to keep track of….A nice addition would be able to zoom out to reveal all sections played, Just by pinching with thumb & index finger.

Pretty decent I guess, would be better if there was a way to play multiplayer with one person as The Mastermind and the other one as the guesser. Also I can’t find a way to turn the pesky timer off, that thing is so annoying it makes me not want to play at all.

A fun game overall, a few odd rules to try guess things which lowers it to a 4 for me. And the fake multiplayer lowers it significantly. I can find out exactly which colours are needed. All 6 slots filled. And be 1 or 2 positions from it being right. And they cannot for the life in them guess correctly and are placing some no where near… Either it’s fake, or all 15 matches I had were against babies pressing random colours and hoping for the best. And it cannot track wins correctly. Needs work

Simple little game, good time killer, difficulty scale goes from trivial to extremely challenging. Overall good. I know ad driven games are normal now, but an ad every other level that’s unskippable is a bit much.

Just download it! Super simple to get the hang of, but strangely difficult to master. It might be a game you get sick of after awhile and uninstall, but oh never regret Downloading it in the 1st place. Super great brain exercise.

Solid version of the classic board game Mastermind. Could be improved by having some sort of mechanism for marking which colours you know don’t go in which slots, but well done nonetheless.

It’s a great game over all but it seems like the new multiplayer mode is fake because my opponent never makes any logical guesses at all. My opponent just makes random guesses and then you probably added a timer between the moves so it looks like lag. I put everything with the same color and got 0 black pins and 0 white pins, then my opponent made a guess with that color. It has happened too many times and I don’t think there are that many people that are so stupid.

Just like the physical game I used to play as a kid. This app version is easy to use and has several levels of difficulty to add to the replay experience.

An issue in multiplayer games. I won all games so far. But record isn’t accurate. It shows 19 played 11 won. How come this happened when I won all multiplayer games? It also looks like there is no human players even tho it says it is multiplayer mode. Because all games was so easy, in fact opponent didn’t even get close to a win. Looks like a bot trying random patterns.

I am enjoying this as a way to wind downloading before sleep. It’s interesting, and it’s not complicated, so it allows me to settle.

Good game, however, it crashes during ads on my Chrombook. The only complaint about the format is that it is difficult to scroll down to see past selections. I wish the designers would make a “zoom out” function. I’m still wasting a lot of time on this. It is one of the best games for when you are waiting around, and may need to put it away quickly.

I have loved mastermind since I was 12, so a bit biased. The play levels are great as they add difficulty. The old peg board table top game was limited that way. I haven’t played multiplayer yet. Best of all, I will never have to pick up 2,000 little pegs if I drop the phone unlike the original… some 40 times.

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