[Widget] mClock

mClockmClock : A digital, text or word clock widget with many options.

Xml templates
Widget layout, clock and date formats
Custom fonts/size
Gradient and alpha blended colors
Blur and Shadows

If you have ideas, designs, suggestions or found bugs feel free to visit the forum, email or reddit (user knoxcoder).

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Also check out Chronotopia beta (hzzp:// which is the replacement for mClock

mClock user reviews :

This apk is so fresh and so clean clean.. Customize your home screen w/ this apk by installing XML clock templates made by the dev of your choice. I found a bunch of templates at XDA Developers, and I’m sure if you Google mClock templates you’d find some too..

Doesn’t work on my razr xt 912 running ics 4.0.4, mclock doesn’t shown in widget selection..

Simple and sleek widget. Needs a way to customize loaded templates though (as mentioned by others). Still, 5* for the results.

The best, most customizable clock on the market. Very low battery usage! Best of all it’s free.

Downloaded this app just because of the customizable clock fonts. A very, very useful tool. The user interface needs an upgrade though. A bit frustrating to configure the widget’s settings and themes.

The templates are very temperamental. Sometimes certain ones work and sometimes they’re all messed up.

Annoying thing is how picky it is. I change my screen size in go launcher and trying to get certain XML files to even SHOW UP in the selection area is hell. Around 20 clocks but a fraction of them will appear. Everything is set up correctly, files/folders in their correct location but they just never show up. Idk why when others do and in diff size widgets. I’ve tried some clocks in every size option but no luck. I love mclock… when it works…using 7×9 and have tried 4×4,5×4,5×5 etc. HTC Rezound ics

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