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Meeerge RoyalWelcome to Meeerge Royal, where you will enjoy a wonderful merge adventure.

In Meeerge Royal, home island is cursed by some mystery power, making the whole island and its inhabitants engulfed in a thick fog. Only you, with MERGE magic, can eliminate the fog and restore the island.

The cursed island is to be healed by you, uncovering hidden world of lost and forgotten objects like castles, chests, harps and so on.


MERGE—You can escape to an ancient tribe and merge hundreds of wonderful items as much as superior ones. Merge 3 to get 1, or 5 to double your rewards! You can make your decision.

RESTORE—Beautiful Tribal Princess, gifted Rabbit Wizard, profound Celtic Bard……Lots of heroes and their properties are all trapped in the curse, awaiting your arrival and rescue. With your help, the home can be restored.

COLLECT—Tasty food is to be cooked, like bagels, bread, cakes, etc. You will discover and gather ingredients to finish those order lists, which will help level up and earn rewards. With more experiences, you will find more different cuisines.

CHALLENGE—Challenge your mind by lots of tasks, in which abundant rewards are prepared. Merging is simple, but getting more rewards will need skills.

The island is swallowed by evil fog. You are the chosen one to fight off the fog and restore the home! It’s time to kick off your journey.

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Meeerge Royal user reviews :

Its been a few hours since I started playing the game. Everything is good. The graphics. Characters. Storyline. Except the glitch that prevents me from connecting the game to my facebook account. Please work on this glitch. Otherwise it has been a good game. I might update my review later on.

The game doesn’t work.. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 10 and every single time that I get to when the daily task start , it tells me to click on the daily tasks and doesn’t let me click. It won’t let me move on and even after installing and uninstalling the game it still is the stopping point.. Up until that point it’s a fun game.

Message support 3 times already and received no response. I used to play all the time but now it’s just a “spare few minutes” game, IF that. Definitely won’t spend $$ on it anymore. Used to enjoy it. Not anymore

My only complaint is I make merges, and clear obstructions. And I close out of thr game and go back in and have to redo everthing I had already done. Its gets quite annoying.

I play a lot of Merge games, I like the unique graphics of this game. It’s ideas are similar to other merge games and simple to play. Each level gets a little mundane as you try to complete(especially if you don’t want to spend money). However, every Merge game you play is designed this way. It also has different events you can play to gain prizes! I would recommend this game to someone who needs a new one to play.

Was great when I started playing but now when I go to the petting zoo area as soon as I get to level 6 it freezes and I can’t play. No other part of the game has been an issue but that one area. I’ve played the last bit of level 5 multiple times and each time I hit level 6 it will freeze.

I have notified customer support that I could not open an area up, even though I had met all requirements. They then updated the game with more features that are buggy and does not look like they really tested it. I contacted them about those bugs. I received an automated please be patient response on July 8, 2022 or earlier when I contacted them about the first problem, but have heard nothing else about that problem or the subsequent problems. Why have I not heard from you in a month?

A lot of changes…. For the good, that is, took forever to get back to being able to play the game without it freezing up but I played for several hours today …. So many gifts to merge, WOOHOO!! love the graphics and events, just need lots more energy without having to spend real

This is a lovely game I love the colors and those cute people in it that I put together the only problem is it keeps freezing up on me the music sucks I like the other music on the other Island and one more problem my rewards it keeps disappearing and one more thing it has glitches in it lots of it good job with the work details on the graphics God bless you peace

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