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Memedroid – The best memes app. With Meme Generator.

Welcome to Memedroid, the best humor app to enjoy, rate and share memes, funny pics and animated GIFs. Join one of the greatest online communities of meme lovers and humor fans all over the world and have fun everyday with the best of the Internet.

New memes every time

Memedroid is constantly updated with funny memes, hilarious pictures and the most viral humor content on the web. And all for free, of course!

Custom-tailored humor

Whatever it is that makes you laugh we sure have it. Jokes and funny pranks, social media screenshots, fun facts, awesome pictures and animated GIFs featuring dogs, cats and other amusing animals that will surely put a smile on your face. You can also browse and search our huge meme collection containing the best sport, political or celebrity memes (among many other interesting topics).

Vibrant and active community

Connect with thousands of Memedroiders and meet new people from all over the world with the same interests while having fun. Follow others so you don’t miss their posts and become a popular member of the community by contributing with the best and most hilarious content. Chat and make new friends to share the joy with.

Leave your mark

Rate and comment every pic and GIF, or send your own created memes using the Meme Generator so everyone can laugh. This might be your best chance to prove your sense of humor and make people laugh at your jokes!

Share memes and make someone happy

Memedroid is fully integrated with social media and popular messaging apps so you can share all the memes with your friends and beloved ones. You will find tons of funny pictures and awesome memes for Whatsapp and Instagram. See how easy it is to start the bustle of the week with a hilarious Monday meme or brighten-up someone’s day with a funny ‘Good Morning’ caption. We have the perfect fit for every occasion!

Meme Generator

Memedroid is also a meme maker & editor. You can use it to create memes using popular templates or using your own funny pictures. Unleash your creativity to make the best memes adding funny captions to crazy pictures and become one of the top meme creators of all time.

Achievements and scoring system

Homework, job, sports… life is constantly challenging us with difficult goals. Memedroid does it too, but our challenges are funny and rewarded, so if you fail that test after spending the day making memes or skip the gym because you prefer to have some laugh at least you will unlock an achievement and get a meme-medal.

Exceptional user support

This is a humor app, but we take your fun very seriously. We know that every user counts and we work hard to offer you the best experience. We will always be at your disposal for any doubt, suggestion or problem may have with Memedroid.

And many, many more funny things

Top memes, random pictures, favorites, chat… Memedroid has a lot of awesome features, but it is better to discover them by actually using the app!

Still here? Well, this is embarrassing… we don’t know what else to say! People don’t usually scroll this far, they just get excited when we mention the funny pics, the awesome memes, the meme maker and the rest of features above. We suggest you to install Memedroid now, but if you are still in doubt we will leave you reading what our users say about the app in the reviews section. Their ratings and opinions are what better describes the experience that you are about to discover.

Have fun and lots of laughs!


Memedroid user reviews :

I have loved and used this app for years without issue. But just this morning I had a notification on my phone home screen prompting me to delete it, claiming that it now contained a malicious virus. Without hesitation I deleted the app, but now there is an empty spot on my home screen. I not sure if the virus is the providers fault or some other cause. But if the virus issue is ever sorted out, I will definitely be re-downloading this app

Novagecko has since been in close communication with me, they have been extremely helpful and they have rectified my problem! Thankyou so much! I have owned Pro for since it was available. Over multiple devices both android and apple. As of late I’m finding hardly anything in the gallery is loading, my profiles not loading. It just seems the app is just struggling to load itself. Such a shame as this has always been one of my favourite apps.

  • Hello Dee b, we’re sorry about this. We have already contacted you via email to investigate this problem and get it solved as soon as possible. We do not have enough data yet to diagnose it, but it is probably a network issue.

The Novagecko team was able to help me recover my account, proving to be very efficient. Thank you very much, Novagecko! The app is great, moderated by the community itself, which is wonderful too. Just a tip: Do not create the account using Facebook, as you will not be able to log in again after uninstalling the app or on the site. And I hope they stop “explaining” the errors by saying the error code, I’m not the developer to know all the codes and what they mean.

  • Thank you for your review Albert, we’re happy to see that you regained access to your account. Most of the people can access via Facebook or Google without any issues. Yours was a very particular situation that we will of course handle properly from now on

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