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[Game] Memories – Remember Me

MemoriesMust Be Able to Manage Learning, Working, and Playing

Sometimes you can be easygoing, but sometimes you can be strict. You’ll have to manage their weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.

Based on your decisions, they can become ill from excessive stress or run away from lack of affection.

You must always pay attention to their words and actions. However, there’s no crime in making mistakes.

Not a Game About Special Powers! A Fun Game About Nurturing!
Have the characters participate in events. Enroll in an academy after studying well! Go to
a community gathering if they have a knack for art! Go to the kingdom’s festival if they
have a warrior’s disposition! Have your characters display their qualities!

A World Full of Various Events and Adventures
Spend time with your characters and discover what the world has to offer.
Some events can have profound influences on your characters. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.
Otherwise, you might see one of the girls become rebellious and diabolic.

Will There Be a Happy Ending? Or a Bad Ending?
After 8 years filled with many memories, you’ll have to send off your characters.
What future will they have? What will you mean to them?
The future is not set in stone. Create it together.

A healing game filled with happiness to distract you from your tiring life! Create destiny with your own hands!

Memories user reviews :

The graphics and music are absolutely beautiful! Each character is unique and memorable, and the music is a pleasure to listen to. But the game was very overwhelming at first. The introduction sequence doesn’t seem to relate to the gameplay much (from what I’ve seen so far) and the sheer number of stats and icons on the screen are complicated and confusing. Plus the tutorial explains things like relics and rebirth, but doesn’t go over how to increase/decrease certain stats and what they do.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Pascati! We’re glad that you enjoy our game. Don’t worry as we will inform our team about your concern. If you have any more ideas that you’d like to share with us, feel free to contact our Customer Support at support[at]

The game has nice art, an interesting premise, and a nice calming (albeit repetitive music). The adventuring is easy to do which is nice, and there are plenty of ways to go about the other mechanics. Having said that, the dialog between us and her is very repetitive. It would be great if there was more conversation between us, not just between her and the other NPCs. I really like the fact we are able to keep relics through different endings.

Amazing… I’ve seen games similar to this but it was always a years time skip so you never got much time with the character. This tho… Wow… Just amazing! I love that you get to spend so much time with OC. Though, I would fix up her appearance a bit. The hands look kinda weird. That and it forces you to skip diologe so I never can get to read it all the way through before it skips it. That needs to be changed as it is annoying. It should be an option to skip every time. Anyway, great job!

  • Thanks for the feedback, Shadow Wolf! We’re glad that you enjoy our game. Don’t worry as we will inform our team about your concern. If you have any more ideas that you’d like to share with us, feel free to contact our Customer Support at support[at]

I am absolutely loving this game and I just downloaded it! I love when games give you rewards for ads, and aren’t pay to play. You don’t have to wait any time limit for this game, which is nice. Suggestions: perhaps an easier way to tell what class/job/etc add to which attributes. Bugs: dialogue skips before I can read some things, and sometimes the adds don’t wanna play so I can get the reward. Easier ways to get clothes, and keep them between lives would be nice as well, I want more than two.

This became surprisingly addictive almost immediately. There’s a couple of typos in the dialogue (pronouns switch a lot) and the adventuring system is clunky at first but it’s easy to get used to. 1 thing I noticed though is that if you don’t take the opportunity to watch ads for a while they’ll just start showing up in the middle of gameplay, slightly annoying

Overall i had a pretty good experience, the game was addictive the first time threw but my problem was with the adventure events. Even though i met all the requirement for the freedom fighters, stress being 50 and the like, for some reason it wouldn’t activate. I realized i was supposed receive a request but it didn’t show or tell me, so i didn’t know what to do. So if you guys could add in a system that shows all the requirements to make the events easier to complete that would be nice.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Anna! We’re glad that you enjoy our game. Don’t worry as we will inform our team about your concern. If you have any more ideas that you’d like to share with us, feel free to contact our Customer Support at support[at]

This game is neat, you raise a kid, setting her schedule every month to learn, work, adventure or work. Depending on what she does, her skills and attributes grow and you get different endings. It is pretty difficult to know what to do to get some endings, and finding/completing quests isn’t always intuitive, but it’s a great game. You should give it a shot! It’s fun!

This is a neat simulator! I haven’t gotten too far yet, but it seems pretty expansive which is deeply appreciated. I think the only small gripes I’ve got aren’t game-breaking, but are kind of annoying after a hot minute. Text boxes roll through before I can read them, even if it’s my first time seeing that text. Maybe some way to force text to wait for me would be cool! Also making it easier to keep schedule stats on the screen w/o accidentally adding it would be nice.

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