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[App] Memorix Notes + Checklists

Memorix  Let Memorix take care of all your notes and checklists.

The clean design and superior usability make it real fun to jot down everything you don’t want to forget.

Notes & Checklists
Jot down everything you don’t want to forget, easily and comfortably. Add photos and images to your notes. To stay organized, use differently colored categories and order your notes alphabetically, by date of creation, last edit or reminder, or use drag & drop to arrange them to your personal liking.

Tasks, shopping lists or your fitness program – everything is organized perfectly with checklists.
Items can be rearranged via drag & drop at any time, checked items can be moved to the bottom of the list or be deleted all at once. For reoccuring tasks, you can also uncheck all items at once.

Set reminders (also repeatable) to never forget important dates or shopping or pin notes to the status bar to have an eye on them all the time.

Order your notes into various categories which you can create, edit and delete at will.

Protect access to your most secret notes and pictures with a password.

Backup & Restore
You can create a backup of your notes and settings anytime or activate the daily automatic backup. The backups are stored on your device.

Use the Memorix widgets to place notes directly on your homescreen and e.g. tick off items on your shopping list directly on the homescreen without starting Memorix.
Note: Android does not support widgets of apps moved to SD-card. Please see the FAQs on our website for details.

Search and filters
Fulltext search allows you to find specific notes instantly. Or only view the notes of a specific category, or only those having a reminder, …

Safety net
Unintentional deletions can be undone. Deleted notes can also be restored from the trash (except notes from the vault which are – for safety reasons – deleted completely). And if everything fails, then there’s still the backups.

Help & Feedback
Should you ever be stuck, check out our answers to frequently asked questions, or send us an email with your questions or suggestions.

Memorix user reviews :

Excellent app!! Update: although sync is not working anymore, which was a valuable feature for me, I still use it for its nice look, and it has many other useful features. UPDATE: I would like to ask for an “improvement” on the widget display, I noticed that when the note with a checklist is displayed as a widget on screen, the checklist square is centered, instead of at the top of the text as in the regular note. That is annoying since is very difficult to find the beginning of the text.

I like this app very much. It is very usefull. The ease and simplicity of it’s overall funtionality is great. After years of personal use. I would ask the creators for one additional funtion. When using the check box funtion, i would like the option to make the sedonary line of a single subject a bullet point. e.g….  Title line X  bullet point explanation of title  explanation #2  Title line next X

Brilliant and Well Developed Notes App!!!!! I have been looking for a app to help me stay focused get my life back on track and have my dreams realized and quite honestly I have tried a lot of notes diary and journal apps but I always come back to this one with it’s simplicity customizable colors and categories as well as pinning of notes the reminders and the unique widgets this one I feel is the best one to use and with all this said it has truly helped me out greatly!!!!

Perfect. Love the check lists, the grouping everything. Super easy to use. I rate movies and keep track of course work and can have each thing in different folders. Easy to edit notes wether it be order or text. Exactly what you showed and advertised. Super easy to use.

Love this app!! You can lock notes in the vault with a password. You can color code, create lists or just notes. I use this app everyday and would be lost with out it. It’s also compatible with Alexa so when I have her take notes you can transfer to this app!! Best one I’ve found!

All of the features that i wanted: checklist, scrollable widget, backup, colored categories, secure vault, switch to note mode, insert/snap pics, reminder, archieve, pin to notification. Perfect. If somehow dev include feature to sync with cloud/account, it’ll be worth donating!

This app is certainly the best one around. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its infuriatingly annoying quirks. And, as far as I’m concerned, the most aggravating of those is an ad naseum inability of the user to highlight what they want without the action going sideways. The highlighting disappears, runs on passed the intended point, or jumps to the line above/below. The selected line deletes entirely. Etc, etc, etc. That problem needs to be fixed ASAP!

While I like this app, especially in terms of interface and simplicity, it will not become my go-to notes app. Especially the lack of both an external backup option (to my SD card or the cloud) and an option to switch out the note being shown without deleting and recreating the widget definitely put me off using this app regularly. This app has potential, but to me it isn’t quite there yet. Still one of the better “functional but not cluttered” note apps out there.

Great. Only one issue/complaint: Please add an option for postponing the lock feature in Vault, when the app goes to background. Working with Vault with immediate locking, when the app goes to background, makes the UX really inconvenient for many users. It’s a long time I’ve been hoping for this feature to be added to the app. Waiting for your response. Thanks.

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