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WonderlandMerge Cute Pet is a casual synthesis game of pet evolution. It has a fresh and beautiful game world, a new synthesis and development gameplay, and adds unique game characteristics. In the game you can combine various things by matching and merging to get better and better things. You can explore the fairies, wonders, magic and interesting places in the world of Merge Cute Pet.

Game Features:

Home cultivation
Complete tasks, collect elves, and rebuild homes;
Collect supplies to exchange for a variety of beautiful furniture.
Help the witch build a cozy home.

Collect pets
Find dozens of pets living in the sky, evolve them, make them span 9 growth stages, and finally get the loyal guardian of the homeland!
Hatching pet eggs, the cute pets will work in the sky and collect items for you.

matching items
Hundreds of items are waiting for you to drag and merge them! Create powerful combos, unlock new upgrades, and fill your island!
Find the destroyed sculptures in each level, match and rescue them, and create new life!

Daily Challenge
Open treasure chests, collect gold coins, merge gems, and get daily rewards.
New missions are always waiting for you to challenge!

Seasonal Events
Colorful seasonal events continue to roll out!
More limited-time pet limited-time items are waiting for you!

Wonderland user reviews :

This game is good and has potential but it’s incomplete. They left out spaces after commas in the intro and the stone of the candles have “desc_*number*” instead of a description of the item. If it wasn’t for stuff like that, I’d keep the game, but as is, the game is not fully developed.

I’ve played this game twice and now i cant get through level 69,not enough items to merge,its impossible and I spend a lot of time playing this game and the changes u made are ridiculous so I’m stopping cos what made this game special was the rewards without them the game is the same as the others. You can’t get a gamer hooked on rewards and suddenly the counters dont move. Uninstalling

  • Thank you for your feedback. After the game version is adjusted, the rules of the miracle have changed. In order to maintain the long -term balance of the game, the calculation rules of time have been changed to only the online duration. If you have other questions, please contact us at any time, and thank you again for your support for our game!

Best merge game by far but the tournaments gets boring cause it’s always one that you already played there is no new one would rate 5 stars if you fix this recommend anyone to download this game

Dialogue between characters is offensive, game does not allow you to zoom in so it’s impossible to read some of the words or instructions making it very difficult to do well or even finish the tasks.

  • Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the bad gaming experience! I will feedback your comments to the game planners for optimization. Regarding the problem that you said “the game does not allow zooming in”, it may be due to the problem of locking the game interface. Click the “lock” sign below the avatar to unlock the interface.

Omg this game has me HOOKED! I can play for hours if I want to! and it doesn’t get boring either. The ads can help you advance so I don’t really mind them. The graphics are cuteeeeee.

Update: Very pleased with quick response to my concerns. Game back to functionality. Thank you!

  • Sorry to bring you a bad gaming experience! At present, the problem of “unable to enter the game” has been fixed, please try to open and enter the game again! If you still can’t enter, please contact me again! Thank you very much for your support of our game!

I enjoyed playing this game at the start but not so much now as I’ve got nothing in the activity centre and the level 10 things that are suppose to refresh haven’t for over 2 days so I’m missing out on eggs to merge to be able to get further in the game.

Best merge game yet, especially with the auto merge/cleanup button. Wish there was a countdown for when the tournaments are starting, so we know when to save our merges

  • Thank you for your feedback, thank you for your support of our game, and hope to bring you a better gaming experience in the future!

love the game but now cant log in says I dont have internet connection I have cleared cache uninstalled and reinstalled but still wont connect

  • Sorry to bring you a bad gaming experience! At present, the problem of “unable to enter the game” has been fixed, please try to open and enter the game again! If you still can’t enter, please contact me again! Thank you very much for your support of our game!

I LOVE this game, a really great merge game with the cutest pets, great graphics, very smart settings and features, including an option to control pet’s harvesting, a lot of special events, one of the best I’ve found so far. Hope to see a lot more of it, keep up the good work, thank you

  • Thanks for your love of our game!

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