Merge Survival – Stay safe and survive in this world of misery

[Game] Merge Survival – Wasteland

Merge SurvivalSurvive in a post-apocalyptic world! is now officially launched!
Essential surviving items for new Survivors. Start now and get 3 items!

My name is Eden and ever since “that day”, I have been living a wandering life, looking for a shelter for survival.
Due to many people’s selfishness, our environment has been destroyed and became a difficult world to live in.
Living alone in this world full of chaos is very exhausting and lonely.
Can I possibly survive in a place like this…?
Hey, you there! I think you can help me find a shelter for survival!
Could you please help me out so I can stay safe and survive in this world of misery?

In “Merge Survival”, you can experience the life of surviving in the post-apocalypse world created by environmental pollution and disasters.
Merge to create survival materials, and find any new resources or hidden locations by exploring.
Create an “Eco-Friendly Camp” to live in harmony with nature and other survivors.
Are you a fan of survival games, and merge games? Then begin right away!

“Merge”to create various survival items and your shelter.
Merge, merge, merge.. Enjoy creating various survival tools by merging abandoned resources.
Complete quests with the created survival tools, merge other items to help Eden build a cozy shelter.
Learn the meaning of resource recycling, and complete your item collection.

A “survival” story of the ones who live in the “Post-Apocalypse”.
An interesting story of encounters, conflicts, and living together with other survivors will unfold.
Aren’t you curious about the stories of people and animals you meet in despair?

Build your safe “shelter” and “explore” to find the hidden locations.
Build a production facility to “recycle” resources or acquire special resources.
Find hidden locations or special resources by exploring with your friends.

Enjoy the “strategy” of finding the materials you need for survival.
Have fun by strategically collecting survival essentials such as water and oxygen.

Are you into survival games and merge games?
Then start “Merge Survival : Wasteland” now!
Merge right away to build your safe and cozy survival shelter!

We request permission to access memory for a stable game progress.

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Merge Survival user reviews :

This is pretty much the perfect merge game. While there is an energy limit, they provide plenty of ways to replenish, ways to obtain gems without spending money, and you can choose when you want to level up. I really wanted to take the time to play it through before I left a review. The only bug I’ve noticed, is when you put the higher xp star on the board to combine to max, it dissappears. It is still mergeable on the board, but you can’t see it, so you’re just merging onto an “empty space”.

  • This is “Merge Survival: Wasteland”, a story of a new road to survival. To better understand the exact situation, could you please send us your game ID and screenshots/videos, along with a detailed description of the issue, to the in-game Settings > Customer Support? We will always do our best to meet our Survivors’ expectations! Thank you

Though I’m new to this game so far, I love it. It’s not pressing you for materials that are out of possibility to access early on and is very user friendly. I only wish the glossary of item progression had its own section instead of having to open each individual item. Also I can hardly read the info cards in loading screens they’re so fast. Good work!

  • Hello! This is “Merge Survival: Wasteland”, a story of a new road to survival. We sincerely appreciate your support and enjoyment of our game. We value your opinions, and we will work diligently to incorporate your valuable feedback into our future updates. Stay tuned to witness how our game evolves! Thank you for being a part of our community.

I was excited to see a new merge 2 game. The story is great so far and game play is quite unique compared to the typical merge 2 games. The art is cute and the story is quite informative to survival techniques. The only issue I have is super expensive in game costs. I understand coins are hard to come by in an apocalyptic world but things could be cheaper at least.

  • This is “Merge Survival: Wasteland”, a story of a new road to survival.Thank you for leaving us a precious review even when you’re busy. We developers are always trying our best to refer to as many of the Survivor’s feedback as possible. We will pass your feedback immediately and make sure it gets reviewed. Thank you.

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