Merge Tale – Take care of pets and merge them

[Game] Merge Tale – Pet Love Story

Merge Tale  Need more cute creatures and a bit of merging in your life?

Then “Merge Tale: Blossom Acres” was hand crafted for you!

Solve merge puzzles to nurture the parched garden back to lush health. Hatch creature eggs and teach the garden’s friendly hybrid keepers to tend the flowers and plants, explore the far-flung grounds, and Enjoy meeting the cute Keepers who tend to the garden, the dragons, foxes and griffyns will be happy to lend you a paw or claw to revive and renovate your enchanted garden. Collect magic eggs, combine and hatch them to enrich your garden with a happy new pet creature.

Take care of pets and merge them, then train your dragon to repair and cultivate. Combine puzzling with a heartwarming fairytale, merge eggs, revive the garden.
Find family relics lost to time and reinstate the former glory of your ancient manor and gardens. Add pretty touches to your garden like special flower beds and trees, make it your own.

Drag n merge, combine the garden’s flowers, take care of pets, enjoy the fairy tale garden adventure, hatch eggs, merge dragons to evolve them into a grander creature

Key features:

Enormous garden at your green fingertips
Research, merge, and discover interesting new items
Cute Keepers keen to help you out
Reinvigorate the garden by clearing up the neglected areas
Solve interesting puzzles over hundreds of levels
Collect and nurture your magical creatures

The game is optimized for tablets and looks stunning
Requires no internet connection. Play anytime!

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Merge Tale user reviews :

I can say dev’s invested great amount of time in graphics and development thats good. Now you need to add these. Binding accounts- so we can save our progress, Proper exit pannel, Energy being used in puzzle is too high- you might change that in the future, their might be bugs but didn’t encounter them yet. Thats for now and rooting for this game this might be a good game if the developers could balance the game and fix some issues. Thats all
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It’s good to play during leisure time
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Good Game For Chilling
  • Kosmos Games
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  • Kosmos Games
  • Thank you for your feedback!

Latest Update :

Hiya! It’s snow in the Garden and we have an event! A new Keeper flew in from the snowy edges of the world. He brings a joyful, festive mood and a whole pile of presents!

Don’t miss the chance to win a unique new Keeper, Christmas Bear, and a premium Keeper, the Midnight Cat!

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