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[Game] Mergical Home

Mergical Home   Welcome to Mergical Home!

This will be your place of laughter, love, and joy! You can complete challenging tasks and merge everything into beautiful and luxurious furniture to decorate your home! The perfect, unique, merge & building mobile game!

My father is a stubborn interior designer but has a slight sense of humor. My mom became a zoologist because of her love for small animals. Since Adele was born, her mother has been a full-time housewife and started to become a culinary expert.
Her father and mother have influenced Adele since she was a child. She has a natural affection and interest in art design and animals. Under the guidance and help of her father, she gained a keen interest in interior design and was admitted into the same school as her father.

Adele’s parents like to travel, so they arranged lengthy trips every year.

In the year after her graduation, her parents were traveling around the globe, and Adele was stuck with the design and remodeling of their old house.

Adele began to clean up the house that once brought her love and happiness. Although she inherited her father’s design talent and knowledge and the ability to communicate with small animals from her mother, there is still a big challenge waiting for her.

Are you ready to help her complete her home? Now is the best time to start!
Special Features:
A variety of animals for you to choose from
Merge to unlock different types of small animals, each specie of critters will bring you a completely different experience while making your mansion more colorful and fun.

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Mergical Home user reviews :

I haven’t had this game long. But so far I’ve enjoyed it. It’s started glitching up though. When you touched a item it would tell you it’s name and give you some different options. Like selling or deleting. It doesn’t do that anymore. There’s some stuff I’d rather just sell or delete and now that I can’t there’s a bunch of junk I don’t want building up. This either has to get fixed soon or I’m going to have to uninstall.

Eveeything was going great but I haven’t anymore quests so now I am not earning stars. Plus, when I try to add more rooms where you construct the furniture I continue to build the required furniture, finish that quest without being able to ooen a new room. Very frustrating. I have tried contacting the developer to no avail.

The main objective of the game is not clear. But overall it is a decent casual game with good graphics. More rooms and types of pet (purchasable with candy) needed.

It’s interesting. Still not sure what the objective is. A few too many side gigs I am not doing because trying to focus on main game. Overall enjoyable and most things seem achievable without spending real money. A real nice change

The game runs extremely slow. While yes, it’s possible that it’s because of my phone, I don’t really have this problem with any other game on my phone. It caused me to delete the game as it was extremely annoying.

I only give 3 stars because the helpers are only awake long enough to do 3 or 4 tasks then they sleep again and they all sleep at same time. Can’t get much done in short time.

This Games Is Very Excellente And Coolest Every Game Skills And Very Educational Add Braining Banking. Commentor From Philippines

Wow that it Deserve Significant Game 5 stars

Latest Update :

1. A new scene (Studio) is added with a new set of furniture to go with it.
2. Optimized the Merging effect.
3. Optimized the Realm experience by adding a new Realm theme.
4. Other optimizations to provide a better game experience.

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