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Meridian 157 Prologue Chapter 1 has been officially released! Get it now on Google Play!

Meridian 157: Prologue is a point and click puzzle game focused on engaging puzzles, immersive visuals and an exciting storyline. It is the first part of the Meridian 157 series, where you play as detective David Zander investigating a mysterious weather anomaly in the northern Pacific Ocean. Use your wits to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to find a way deeper into the island in order to uncover the mystery behind the 157th meridian!


Elegant and eerie graphics with atmospheric sound effects and animations
Lots of challenging and fun puzzles and riddles, perfect for all audiences
Immersive ambient music tracks
First part of an exciting storyline
Completely free and no ads
Available in 8 different languages!

Meridian 157 Prologue user reviews :

It was completely eerie. Scared me a lil bit from the very beginning but I still wanted to keep playing. Essentially, game is easy to navigate. I thought the puzzles were good. Graphics are good. Music totally fit! It got a little intense but that’s totally ok, I’m hooked and would like to play more…….

This is a pretty good start to an adventure game. I only had a few issues. 1) The solution to the lever puzzle doesnt make sense. It’s just not how someone would logically interpret the hint provided. 2) The game glitched during the “dream” cutscene and played it twice. Overall though this is a good attempt and I’m looking forward to playing Chapter 1.

Thought the game was filled with a great amount of content, especially for it being a ‘try before you buy’ type thing, which I really appreciated. A lot of games don’t give you nearly enough gameplay in their alleged ‘free’ intro versions so you have no real genuine sense of what you can expect if you were to purchase the full game. I enjoyed the storyline of the game too. I’ll definitely be buying the premium version. Thanks devs!

This is a great introduction. In this prologue the game does not feel obliged to tell you everything that’s happening, and in the end you still don’t know much, but it certainly intrigues you for what’s coming next! Technically, it has a nice flow and the graphics are awesome, great photography work here! First thing after writing this review: *search for the next part*

I rate 4 stars for the stories and the graphics. They’re quite attractive for both. I really like the camera function because it’s useful when needing to remember some clues in picture. However, the user interface is a little bit unfriendly since it hard to move from one place to another place just using the back arrow, quite take time for this action. Maybe you should add a map if the place is quite big and enormous.
  • NovaSoft Interactive
  • Thanks for the feedback Linh, we will look into it!
I really like the graphics on this game. I really like the camera where you can save pictures of the clues so you do not have to jot anything down. The issue i have with this is the puzzle solving. The drawbridge lever system i did not understand so i looked at a walkthrough and passed that way. The elevator switch problem at the end is complete garbage and pressing the eyeglass allows me to solve it without knowing what is going on. Everything else was common sense.
  • NovaSoft Interactive
  • Hey Ian, by the elevator puzzle do you mean the block slider? You simply need to link the green piece with the end. Thanks for the feedback!

I actually played these in the wrong order, but that makes no difference because it was still satisfying to play. I can say that the second part (ie: chapter 1) to this is considerably better and worth the money i spent. you can see that the game play is more complex as you head into chapter 1. Im sure when chapter 2 as well as future chapters are released, the story, puzzles, etc will be phenominal!! The have a great start and if their brain gears are turning, it should be a HIT! High Five!

Really enjoyable mystery game. Love these type of games. Especially when the game is well designed, works perfectly, and has a beautifully painted scene of the places you will interact in. Adventure Escape g ames also fall under this greatness. Love playing. Hoping for more. Great job to your whole crew. Thnx.

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