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Meta WidgetMeta is a unique app that can clip web content into dynamic, interactive widgets.

Simply browse to a website, pick a column of text, blurb, image or element and enjoy this information right on your home screen!

Almost any simple element can be parsed out of a website – images, lists of similar articles, feeds or features. Use it for local papers, web comics, site statistics, analytics, account information, forums, threads, inbox status, weather maps, stocks, pics of the day and even Facebook pages!

Any widget created through Meta can be customized and automatically updated, or updated on user interaction.

Create widgets from almost any website element
Parse graphs and images
Extract statistics and information from authorized sites
Configure widgets (background, alignment, etc.)
Automatic updates
User defined click actions
Lots of other cool stuff

This app is now completely free. Enjoy.


To get started, add a Meta Widget to your home screen and navigate to the site you want to widgetize. Then, when you get to the page you want, check the box in the lower left corner and tap somewhere on the page. It’ll surround that element in an orange box, after which you can move the selection tool around with the arrows at the bottom of the screen. When you find the element you want to put on your home screen, tap the plus sign and go to town configuring text colors, widget alignment, and more to make it look just right.


This method of creating widgets will not always work for every site and element. But it should work for many with the proper CSS corrections.


We only provide technical support for this app (if for example it stops working on a new Android version, we will fix this), but do not provide any direct help in creating widgets or formatting them.

Meta Widget user reviews :

UI is difficult for a beginner or even intermediate user but after you figure it out it works really well. Update: This app is pretty awesome for some phones. I had a Vivo and it wouldn’t ever automatically update. I have a Note 10 Plus now and it doesn’t allow me to go through the steps to add a widget. It keeps signing me out and once signed in, it doesn’t allow me to click and the arrows for movement are missing. Please update, I would love to have this on my new phone.

This app really makes life easier with great customization. Just a suggestion that when we select the line it displays ‘Use All as a list’ and other similar lines. It could be better if I could select 2 lines out of 3 rather than creating multiple widgets. Update: this stopped working. Now when I click on widget to refresh. Its not doing anything. Just sits there.

Great solution for users with a little web tech, programming skill and patience. I use it to display the river water levels in my town so i can choose my route to work subject to floods. Choosing the page and the page element to display was a snap, and a little experimentation with the regex formatter allowed me to cut extraneous text from the retrieved info. Although i configured it to update every two hours, it doesn’t. But i can tap the widget and hit update twice a day, no problem.

This apps is truly useful, as it is more optimized than most web widgets (due to it’s limitations, that’s true, but that’s also a strong point.) It really understands what parts of the websitezis imporant to the user. Though, It would have been cool to be able to make a refreshing list of images…

Great app, but … After I configure my webpage, the widget shows up, but after as little as one minute it will stop responding forever: no matter what actions are configured for tap, no update nor open widget works. All I can do is remove the widget from the screen. Can you PLEASE fix ? Then it will be 5 stars for sure.

Very flexible and configurable. I had rated at five stars but it just stopped working for me. I will bump up the rating again if i can get it working.

It works great, then after abput a week i have to remove the widget and setup the link again. Good, but annoying to maintain.

So nearly brilliant. Does not refresh automatically and widgets fail after phone restart. Fix those 2 things and this is amazing.

This widget is great and very intuitive. The most recent update to my Samsung S10 rendered this widget non-working however. I hope to see an update soon.

It worked with my Note 9 Android Pie, but not sure why it’s no longer working with my Note 10+ The app keeps crashing and therefore the widgets don’t update.

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