Miga Town My Fire Station – Put out the fire

[Game] Miga Town My Fire Station

Miga Town My Fire Station  Help people in their hour of need within the city;

Rush into the burning buildings, and remove obstacles with the right tools and then put out the fire;

Stay ready and follow your command

Check over the city’s surveillance system at the fire station and turn yourself into a brave firefighter when needed;

Dormitories: firefighters rest in these places, but also stay alert to any emergency at any time.

Training ground: firefighters undergo training here together, in order to better complete tasks, or train dogs to provide assistance while on a rescue mission.

Command Center: firefighters observe the latest situation in the city here and give commands when necessary.

The top floor: there are four rooms here, featuring various lifestyles, and you can put all your ideas into them.

Main street: you will enjoy yourself in the main street, and drinking coffee or buying flowers in flower shops will be a great idea; remove obstacles yourself or notify firemen that they have something to do somewhere in the street.


Role-play in 6 different locations
Role-play firefighters or doctors, or even people in other professions
Clear the fallen obstacles and put out the fire
More hidden secrets to be discovered
Unlimited mode, triggering your imagination

Give full play to children’s creativity
Tens of billions of customized modes
No third-party advertising
No time limit or score ranking list

contact us:support[at]xihegame.com

Miga Town My Fire Station user reviews :

well I would really love this game if there were more places to go but you have to pay money to get other places that’s annoying and some people might buy it but I think that is not fair you should make all things free except the wons that are worth buying

This game is fun but you are stuk in one room witch makes it boring make all the rooms free like with a video to unlock the rooms

My daughter like this game but.she say to me why this game can’t open all the places so please fix the probleme to all the places open and thanks .

hello miga! I love all games it’s wonderful but there is a one problem all interesting rooms are locked and only one place is unlocked can you miga remove this this locked rooms really make me nervous can you remove it…? thank you

Well it’s ok but it’s really not that good if you want a game like this get toca Boca life because it’s really fun but the other toca Boca games are for money. But most of this game is trash well not exactly TRASH but most of the game costs money so I can’t access the different rooms that’s why I gave it three stars

This game seemed kinda boring because there is only 2 floors and each the floors are really small but the rest I really like and the characters are also really cool same with the floors even though there small. Overall I really love this game do I decided sinse it’s so good why not rate it 4 stars

I gave it five stars because all the fun rooms are locked and you have to unlock them with money.But I still think IRS a very fun game for children

I only rate this 3 stars because you only get one place you have to pay for the rest you may as well just make the app $399 in the play store and every thing free in the game the games not good enough for ANYONE to pay ANY money on this game dont waste your money but overall the game is pretty good

I love this game but the miga world hotel is just one can you pls just open every town pls if you add ail gave five stars if you open every town pls

Good game ilove that but unlock the homes,fire station all you need same edit good that make the game nicer and amazing than before i love the game not the your one app all your app fix the problem

Babies and now 6 years old acceptable and everyone is saying this with their sisters or brothers until that they get to reach but megatown is reaches to 1 billion downloading if you don’t notice to not tell your mom to play this one or your father that loves our games when they’re 5 years old or 6 years old. Bye bye

Thank you so much, you made the improvement of more people being avalible. Now i have an idea for a new game you can make maybe a mall and have a hair cut store and a clothing department in it and please please please make more things like the stores avalible i know you cant make everything unlocked but only alowing us in one room is a little disapointing so maybe take the segestion and make more rooms and stores open for us so we dont have to spend our earned money on a game we might delete.
  • XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd.
  • we try to do better

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