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[Game] Miga Town My Pets

Miga Town My Pets  Here you will get a different experience.

What pet do you like best? More than 100 kinds of pets are available.Everyone can find their own fun.New stories will start here!

More interesting scenes and self-defined game-play help to create a more wonderful story!

Cabin: It is full of cute animals. You can also re-arrange your favorite pet cabin.

Training ground: A professional training venue is provided to test the skills of animals. You can build a closer relationship with your favorite pets here.

Outdoor: Enjoy a wonderful time outdoors in the mysterious suburban park. Look around and you may find great surprises.

Shop: There are lots of pet products in the shop to meet your daily needs for pet care. The pet restaurant is also very interesting. Try to learn make some food for your pet.

Pet hospital: It is for hatching cool pets and helping sick pets regain their health.


Role-play in 5 places
More than 120 animal images
Play the role of a breeder or doctor, explore more roles
Take pictures of any role in any scene
Discover more little surprises and hidden secrets

Give full play to children’s creativity
Tens of billions of customized modes
No third-party advertising
No time limit or score ranking list

contact us:support[at]xihegame.com

Miga Town My Pets user reviews :

I love this game, its so cute and well made. The variety of dog and cat breeds is awesome and there are even pet sugar gliders, a Hedgehog and a racoon! My 4 year old loves playing this and we had great fun unlocking the secret together. There are no spammy ads so it’s safe for little ones to play. We’ll definitely be getting some of the other miga Town apps

I like this game it’s really nice and I have a problem the problem is that there are no much places we can go to and you need to buy the places and also we need to buy some characters and I think they should add a bit more places and charters it’s not nice to play same place same charters trust me this is really helpful and bye

Miga pet’s has amazing art style and character, The fact that I cant go place’s because, they cost money and if you put a character in the slot you cant get that free character back, If it free make everything free, but I know that the creator need money…..But like i dont want to sit around watching youtube all day. That why im giving this game 2 star’s

This is not fair! When I buyed this app, it was so adorable and pretty in the game. I saw one and it was kinda good! But I guess you really are a ripoff of Toca Boca. So when I was excited for the next one, It was locked. But why? I think you need to scam other people’s money to be better then Toca Boca. I’m going to give this a 1 star review because it was not nice to take other people’s plans and ideas. I wish it was free but not scaming other’s.

good game but only one thing is unlocked and you have to pay to unlock the other places, maybe you could change it so you have to do tasks or watch adds to unlock them instead

I really love this game and there’s a lot of worlds here and Im going to rate it infinite/10 like it’s so cool and I always play this game everyday hehe and i told my freinds to install it and they have fun it’s so cool!!

This game is cute but i can’t open the bc it s has to pay for the game i understand that is really hard to make this game but love so much !!!!!

I love this game but some of the time it gliches and its internet free but it would deaserv a 5stars if you didn’t have to pay for anything

This game is amazing my 9 year old daughter loves it but she asks can there be more eggs to hatch and she says the pet’s are so cute

It’s a cool game but it would of bin better if you didn’t have to pay for everything

The game is awesome but can you pls make everything freee we even have to enter are birth aswell kinda forgot tho cuz its been along time but can you make everything freeeeeee 1M plssssssssss also rlly love the game so much! Byeee!!!!

The game is so much fun but one thing that I don’t like is adds and I hate

I love this game.But there is only one place that is unlock and we need to buy the other places.Please unlock the other places I love this game.And I would give it 5 stars if you unlock the other place.

It’s really nice but I hope it unlock another shops so I rate 3 stars bc the first home was aesthetic and I can move all the stuffs in well i can play it every time

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