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Million Dollar Home Design

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Want to create a million-dollar house? Now you can! Design and renovate luxurious homes in this #1 home design game.

Live the life of a billionaire interior designer Kylie and her fabulous assistant DePaul performing full makeovers for lavish properties. Home Design : Million-Dollar Interiors is a relaxing and yet creative playground for home designers who wish to sharpen their home decor skills and experience the world of luxury living.

Play Million-Dollar Interiors now and express your creativity. Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. Make incredible choices by creating aesthetic designs, renovating homes, and seeing your dreams come true. Have fun exploring impeccable designs in ultra-quality graphics. Gain inspiration from top trending Pinterest home designs, play with IKEA like furniture and apply your new ideas in your real life.

What makes Home Design: Million- Dollar Interiors so special?

Design home and redecor houses for charismatic characters, your clients are counting on you!
Explore your creativity, find inspiration from Pinterest, Ashley, Ikea influenced furniture designs and show off your designer skills.
Make creative choices and build your own dream home. You decide you choose!
Sharpen your decorating skills in weekly Episodes and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to high-end furniture and decor brands.
Improve your design skills and gain inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

If you like to watch HGTV property renovation, home design shows, like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers, then Home Design : Million-Dollar Interiors is a perfect virtual interior design game for you and if you enjoy playing games like Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Fishdom, and Township, you’ll also enjoy Million Dollar Interiors! Addictive gameplay with tons of decorating options is waiting for you!

Please note that Home Design: Million Dollar Interiors is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Million Dollar Interiors saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.*


We are Purple Cow Studio at Cookapps. We all love to watch home remodeling shows and browse Pinterest for inspiring interior photos. We create home decor games we love to play ourselves. If you’re into home design, join our vibrant design community on:



App Permissions
Optional Permissions
required storage access permission to save game data

Permission setting and withdrawal method
Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting an application

Million Dollar Home Design user reviews :

I like and was playing everyday. Now im stuck on a level and waiting on update to be able to design more. Need to do faster upgrades for more episodes and make it to where if someone gets stuck on a level in the 500 you should get a free pass. I’ve literally played it every day for the last month trying to pass this level. Used extras and everything. About to delete it.

I’ve played just about every match-3 decorating game and this is definitely a top choice. Not only are the games enjoyable and not too tricky (although they can be) but the developers were thoughtful enough to let you know when an ad is about to play and then easily let you bypass after a few seconds or get extra cash if you make the selection to watch the ad for a bonus. The rooms are gorgeous and unique. I highly recommend this game if you are tired of match-3s that stress you out.

Not a bad game, but the constant ad after each level gets annoying especially as its the same ad every time. Most of the time the ad takes you straight to playstore and you need to try closing it multiple times when the ad finishes before it stops going to playstore so you can return to the game. The game levels are easy and are finished very quickly which makes the ad even more irritating as you spend more time viewing the ad than you do playing the game.

I would really enjoy playing this but I’m lucky to get through 2 games before it freezes and I have to shut down and restart it. This happens over and over. The many commercials mostly cause this. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks hoping for improvement but no. It needs to be fixed asap. If it wasn’t for the endless freezing I’d give it 5 stars.

I was so excited about it and I think it’s a great idea for the developer that they kept all the things in a royal when we r choosing the items to suit the room every thing looks like good and gorgeous but we must to keep only one it is so difficult to me what it for others I don’t know but I love this game but one suggestion to the developer that they kept ccausal game for this game or else u keep like puzzle or word search it would be better then other games it must be unique right..

I love love love this game, the only thing wrong is ,it won’t let you change walls or floors after you place an item, since I don’t kno what the furniture looks like until after the walls and floors, I wuld like to be able to change a couple of things.. if this is fixed, I wuld give it 5++++ stars

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