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[Game] Mills – Nine Men’s Morris

Mills  A simple but demanding strategy puzzle game where you build rows (mills) with three game pieces. Why? To remove your opponent’s pieces and win the game!

Easy to learn like tic tac toe, but also strategically challenging like other board games (chess or the game of Go)

The beloved classic board game is now available with online multiplayer

Play in online multiplayer mode against players all over the world! Or play offline with your friends or against a computer

Online multiplayer
Do you love winning against other players in online board games? We’ve got you covered! Play this strategy game online 1v1 against players around the world also trying to win. Enjoy online multiplayer games with friends or other players from all over the globe. Become part of the community, send your opponent in-game emojis, level up, and win! No login is necessary. Just download the app and you’re all set to train your brain with this strategic game! You can play multiplayer games with friends and other players around the world who are also trying to refine their strategies to win.

Offline multiplayer
No internet connection? No problem! This strategy game experience is also fully available offline. Play Mills in offline multiplayer mode one-on-one with a friend on a single device in hotseat mode.

Computer opponents
Do you want to train your brain with a classic board game? We’ve got you covered with Mills multiplayer mode. You can even play against computer opponents at three different skill levels who will all try to beat you to a win. Level up and enjoy. Come play this board game whenever, wherever you want with Mills Online.

High scores
Compare your Elo score, coins won, and statistics with thousands of other Mills players. Even if the rules are just as simple as in tic tac toe, you’ll need better strategy to win at Mills in its online and offline modes. Give it a try, challenge your friends, level up, and win!

Classic board game
Mills is a must-have in every serious classic board game collection – just like checkers, chess, backgammon, Reversi, gomoku, renju, Connect 4, dominoes, ludo, tic tac toe, Chinese checkers, Pentago, carrom, Go, mahjong, and other games of strategy.

Mills is a fast-paced strategy board game that’s quick to learn but demanding both for beginners and experienced players. Like any good brain-tease, Mills poses strategic challenges that make you think.

If you’re an advanced player, here you can hold your own against the best Mills players all over the world online by lining up 3 pieces to create a mill and steal your opponents’ pieces.

Play Mills with whomever you like–friends, players from around the world, or computer opponents. You can also choose to join a multiplayer game online or play offline–wherever and whenever you want to.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the strategy games community to play Mills with friends, online multiplayer opponents, or AI and discover the classic board game experience online as well as offline.

Mills use reviews :

mills is a great game I love it me and my family and brother had so much playing with this game and even my mom loves to play this game and it is soooooooooo fun! and mostly i choose white colour and it just looks so good mostly i win against my brother but my mother is very clever and win every time this game is awesome I am definitely giving this game a five ster rating it is a very good game for children and adults and I know this is a very long comment but I spent a lot of my time 500!

it is a good mind game of advance thinking and plotting… but one thing I could not understand the jumping strategy (instead of moving along a line) in the last when 3 coins of an opponent are on the board.

no access to challenging boards..very very frustrating .shame in the developer. I really can’t access online player and tried with reinstall it again and again but no results..same problem, also contacted the support for help but no reply.

this a real good game you can also do it online you just need some big brain to win from others in this game. very good job making this game it is so good keep going!!

best game ever but bad thing is we can’t withdraw a money by winning, I think it would be better to attract more audience by giving them real money.

very nice app. but the computer’s level should be increased. I easily beat it!!

Maximum game will be drawn due to some fault rules in the game like if a player having only three dots, walks to everywhere

good Game For Time Killing.but,there are too many ads after every single second……

One missing feature. Good online play, but would be great to record the moves, so I can learn from my mistakes.

very very enjoyable game I ever seen I get fun while playing, I really thanks to him who built this game…. and I will suggest my friend to play this game

rally it’s amazing game simple and perfect mind game and the important thing in the game is chat to Ur friend

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