Minesweeper Classic Offline – Clear the board containing hidden mines

[Game] Minesweeper Classic Offline

Minesweeper Classic Offline  This is free version of classic Minesweeper a.k.a Mines game.

If You are familiar with the Minesweeper (Mines) computer game, then you no longer need further guidance and will love this game!

This game originates from the 1960s, and has been written for many computing platforms in use today. The objective of the game is to clear the board containing hidden “mines”. Minesweeper starts when a you tap on a cell. The first click is always safe and reveals a number or an opening surrounded by numbers. Each number tells you how many mines touch the cell. You can mark a mine by putting a flag on it with the long tap. If all the mines touching a number are flagged, you can press both buttons on that number to clear the remaining adjacent squares.


You can change difficulty (% of mines on map).
Zoomable map (cells / squares size).
Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards (optional).
The first click is always safe and reveals a number or an opening surrounded by neighboring numbers.
No ads on main screen and no pop-up ads in this game!
Can be played offline!

Tap on closed cell to reveal it.
Tap and hold (long tab) on closed cell to flag it.
Tap on opened cell to reveal possible mines (hint).

Enjoy the pop-up ads free version of the original classic minesweeper game.

Minesweeper Classic Offline user reviews :

Its a great game, but instead of a quick tap to clear a bomb versus a long hold to flag a bomb, why not designate a certain key to accomplish the same feat, because some phones are more sensitive than others and can ruin a games that is going well! Other than that it would have been given 5 stars! Oh, BTW I hope I can increase the size of the board because I am used to sweeping for 250 mines! Thank you Michele

It’s a game that functions properly does everthing properly but only four stars because you can’t mark a mine.

A quality port of the minesweeper classic with nothing nagging or begging for clicks. Nice and relaxing. Most of the time.

It’s easy to not wait long enough to plant flags. The PC version was better that way. There might not be a fix for this for cellphone. Still, I give this one 4 stars for being good.

Uninstalled a different version that had an unclosable ad after every attempt. Completely unusable. This version is great. I am OK with ads to pay for development, but stream them across the top or bottom. Geez.

Brings back memories! Used to play this game back in the 90s and early 00s. Only differences are that I play it on my smartphone and can actually COMPLETE a round.

I especially like that there are no ads or stupid “coin” collections that you can’t take advantage of unless you have paid money. I like the idea that you don’t have to play against anyone else but yourself. It is great to be reminded of the same simple time-wasting game of the 1990s! Thanks!

Brings me back to my windows ’95 days in a dull dusty bad lit office office. Great graphics. Wel done to developer for doing and making free with no advertising banners. Thank you.

Best version of the classic game I’ve found, no ads!! Don’t seem able to disable the ‘click’ noise when you tap, however that’s a minor gripe (and may be my own error)

I liked it, it’s kinda hard to mess up a minesweeper game, but I’ve seen it done before. Took off 2 stars because it won’t stay connected to Google Play, so I can’t get achievements. As in, it disconnects my google play account every time I win a game. So far, it is ad-free though. Also, some minesweeper apps generate the mines before the game starts, which means you can tap on a square to start the game and instantly lose because there was a mine there. In this game, though, I haven’t had that happen yet. EDIT: Excellent, thank you for fixing the issue! Rating adjusted accordingly.
  • Dev Null
  • Thank you for your feedback. Bug with Google Play Games is fixed now in the latest version.

No adds, able to change difficulty and amount of blocks easily. Has achievements to work towards and over all a really solid game. Great job

If you love old school Minesweeper, you’ll enjoy this app. It takes the essentials that made it fun to play and keeps the interface simple and intuitive. As such, it runs great – practically no load-time, no lag between an intended click and the game’s response. I’d rate this highly anyway, but as an added bonus, it’s one of the few things you can get on the intent for literally free – you don’t have to pay any money, you’re not giving away every permission under the sun (none, in fact), and there aren’t even ads! Thanks for making such an excellent, simple app

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