Mini TD 2 – Stop armies of red invaders

[Game] Mini TD 2 – Relax Tower Defense

Mini TD 2  Mini TD 2 is a strategy game that where you build various towers inside intricate mazes and try to stop armies of red invaders that are trying to conquer our blue world.

This is a relaxing experience not hindered by in-game purchases and content gating. Everything is available to you from the start. The game is simple but it is not easy!


50 levels to beat!
Relaxing digital music.
Playable offline.
Simplistic yet captivating graphic that does not overload your device.
Intuitive controls and interface.
Gradually increasing difficulty.
You can make the game faster to power your way through enemies!


My name is Ilya and I’m the only one developer of this game. I love the TD genre so much and I decided to make a game that has nothing unnecessary. There is you and there are monsters. Use towers efficiently, upgrade them to maximize the impact of each individual structure, and plan your defense by strategically placing utility slowing towers and rocket launchers.

If you like Tower Defense and want something simpler and less resource-intensive, MINI TD 2 is what you need. Your fantasy kingdom is under attack and you need to use your tactical knowledge and experience to kill as many red enemies as possible.


I’m a big fan of the genre and want to give you an opportunity to enjoy the ride for free! No hidden payments, no in-game purchases, and no time gating. You don’t need to wait for the energy to fill up or pay to win. You don’t even need a powerful device! Any smartphone can run this game smoothly! Download and enjoy a simple yet charming Tower Defense game!

Mini TD 2 user reviews :

This is honestly such a smooth experience and seems well-balanced. I’m a fan of mobile games that aren’t too thought-intensive but aren’t mind-numbing ad-laden idle games, and this satisfies that. Getting an ad while pausing the game is a little frustrating. That said, it did actually push me to pay for no ads, which is only $2.49 at this time. Considering how good the experience is in spite of that small frustration, I found it to be worth it. Also, there’s 160 levels right now, not just 50!

Simple TD game. Relaxing to play, intuitive UI. + Great music. + Level setups offer interesting challenges. – Yawnadverts after EVERY level… – Balance is a bit off. Square towers are OP, just mass them with a well-placed slow tower and you’ll be set. Missile towers are very weak given how pricey they are. Edit: downgraded from 4 to 3 stars & uninstalled after it begged for a 5* review and called me lazy for not writing one even when I’d already reviewed it! Shameful.

Simple in both form & function. It’s an okay introduction into tower defense games but grows boring quickly. The graphics are very plain. There’s no ability to select target type (first, last, strongest, closest, etc) for towers. Finally, you have to learn what towers do through trial & error; there’s no explanation. Oh, & there’s no mechanism for speeding up the play.

The game play is amazing. The controls are slightly finicky as I’d like the purchase menu to disappear when clicking off of the tower. There are ads after every level which is unfortunate but bearable. The simplistic and relaxing gameplay is just what I wanted. I’d give it 4.5 for the ads and the purchase menu but overall a great game.

Been looking for a good tower defense game for some time. This is clearly it. Good balance of timing and money and prices. Ads are easily ignorable. Overall a great game, deserves five stars. I wish there was an option to play a game without a predetermined path, so you have to sort of build your own path, and an option for a customizable game (how many waves, map type, how much money you start with), but those are wishes for the future. This game is excellent and very fun.

My favorite of these TD games from a good indie developer, simple and straightforward but strategically some lvls difficult, had to go back and work hard to figure a few lvls out to 3* to complete game , have to say the extra unbeatable lvls at the end are impossible, have 2* 51 but cannot more than 1* lvl52 so can’t move on. Would definitely recommend these games though.

Simple, not really complicated like some TD games, levels aren’t too long, and the maps are really well designed. For an indie developer’s title, I’m impressed. Well executed, nice music, definitely my new favorite tower defense title. I can certainly understand why it averages 4.7 on reviews

Good beginner tower defence game so far. Just make the sound effects and music independent. Worth the 2 bucks to get rid of ads but ads aren’t bad and can easily exit. Would like to see tower names but you figure each one out quick. Keep up the good work.

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