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Minimalist Productivity LauncherWelcome to the Productivity Launcher

Tired of the clutter? Want to take a shot at being more focused?
Let’s help you on your goal to digital detox and live a life free from unwanted distraction!

Why use this launcher:

To enhance your productivity and focus by using minimalism at its best
Creating deliberate friction to decrease your screen time and save your life
Focus on what matters – only the core apps you really need are on the home screen
Plentiful customisation options – tweak it as you like it

Features List:

More than 20 themes – including light & dark themes
More than 20 custom fonts to choose from
Renaming apps to make them contextual
Hiding personal or secret apps
Battery percentage indicator
Quick Access to Clock
Icon Packs support
Quick Access to Calendar
Phone call widget for Urgent Moments

Why you should abandon regular launcher instantly:

The flashy and vibrant icons are screaming at you to click them!
You are bombarded with infinite apps on a single screen when you swipe up!
Gestural navigation becomes a habit – you subconsciously use more phone than you intend to!
Infinite scrolling “news” feed is just a swipe away!
Negligible customisation available – just try hiding time and date on your home screen!


Your data. Your privacy. We respect it. There is no unexpected fee, nor any advertisements. No data is collected.

Supporting Us:

We’re still in beta. If you’d like to support this indie project, do give us a shout out!

Thank you so much for using Productivity Launcher, please keep the feedback coming, the love is mutual

Minimalist Productivity Launcher user reviews :

The actual best minimalist launcher, no gimmicks, straight to the point, with a very high level of customisability. Also the nicest looking one imo. Love the text-only home screen. Love the date and time trackers at the top. And I’m pleased to see the improvements made since I last used it in a time of crisis (exams and deadlines). A joy to use.

I really like this app. I rarely write reviews, but I wanted to leave feedback for the devs if they are considering adding features. I would looove if the home screen could display the weather and also show a preview of the day’s schedule or at least what is upcoming. It would also be cool if you could pin selected apps to the top of the app drawer.

This app is amazing! I struggle with pretty bad phone addiction, and this helps me keep life simple! I love everything about it, but there is ONE problem which is most likely a bug. My apps are slowly disappearing from the apps drawer and home apps. For example, youtube music isn’t accessible unless I go to settings and open it because it is not showing up in this launcher’s app drawer. Other than that, 5 stars! I’m currently going to delete this due to the bug, but I’ll be back if fixed!

Useful app. I use it for a week now and I can say, that my screen time is drastically changed. I spend 2-3 hour less on my phone. The only thing I miss from this launcher is a dedicated camera button from the home screen. Also, it would be great if you could customize which app is opened when you click on the “call” button. Overall, this is a good app, I would recommend it to anybody.

Using this launcher has impacted my app usage way more than I would have expected. It’s doing exactly what I wanted and adding just a little friction and getting to apps that I wanted to use less. I’d say my only annoyance is when I swipe over to the app drawer if I use my gesture navigation (swipe up) to go back home it does not return to the home screen, it stays in the app drawer.

This app is great. You don’t have to pay or get a subscription for themes! You can customize colors and fonts all for free which is extremely helpful. The app itself is nice, I think the best one I’ve seen yet in this category. One thing though, the main page is very blank, it would be very helpful if a daily or even monthly to do list can be added.

I like it, very intuitive. The hide app feature is what attracted me the most. The design and everything is great. Just one thing. I think it would be useful if you can change the year progress to a widget or somthing. As I usually have my callendar in a widget which I could view from the home screen Or a to-do list or somthing. But other than that. I would highly recommend this launcher for anyone who is trying to break some bad habits and be more productive.

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