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[Game] Mining Empire – Idle Metal Inc

Mining EmpireBe the boss, managing your business and become a tycoon of industry.

Grow your business, earn money and produce amazing industrial products.

Build your empire tycoon, hire new workers. You can upgrading machines in your factory.Upgrade your production line to expand your business map

Mining Empire user reviews :

Far too many ads ads for everything. While you’re playing it will just make you watch an ad that you can’t back out of or skip or whatever you just got to wait for it to play out and then hit the button in the top. Super annoying. This app has one purpose and one purpose only that purpose is to generate of AD Revenue. Uninstalling

Way to many adds that dont give any power up. I respect the thing u want to earn money, but its timewaste when you get loads of ads every time you collect money. And the ads that give some things in game, give just a bit. Classic pay to play, so its a timewaste. Dont recommend. And i had a lot of hope for the game… it has potential, but not with this much ads.

Ads don’t load so you can get your free items. When the ad for seaside escapes loads it will glitch and to get back to the game you have to reload it. Also to avoid ads you have to buy tickets they don’t last long then you either have to watch ads or buy more tickets. This is just away for someone to be making money off of us.

Fairly good, but there’s no way to buy upgrades once they offer free for ads if there’s no internet, it stays after closing and reopening the app, and to get the buy option back you HAVE to let it run fully. Very annoying, I’m considering whether it’s worth keeping.

The gameplay for the game isnt too bad, but the rest feels a bit low quality. There are constant ads happening every 2 mins. The game just feels a bit rushed a clunky as a whole and feels a bit repetitive and boring. The game isn’t very good and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Game keeps on crashing despite of force stoping and clearing cache. After some time game does not open at all. You need to install the game again from playstore due to which all your progress gets lost. Moreover, there is no cloud save for this game.

Yes, ads pay for it all, we get it, but UR ads are every 2mins and when claiming any thing including monies. Recommend a reconsideration of the ratio of ads:playtime.

Such a waste of a potentially good game. First they bombard you with ads. Then if you max everything out the game ends. It only takes one day to finish the game. If you want to prestige it’s impossible because maxing out all the machines still won’t let you progress to the next island. Fail. But it’s fun for a few hours if you wish to suffer through ads ads ads. Uninstalled. Don’t bother.

The game crashed within 30 seconds of starting it. There are a crazy amount of ads, i know this is usual but the object of the game is to collect money and just doing this means watching an ad for the priveledge of collecting it. The game interested me enough to pay for no ads only to find that means nothing, you still have to watch ads for everything. I feel ripped off and would give this 0 stars if possible. The graphics and gameplay just arent good enough to exploit this many ads.

Unable to move on. Maxed all machines on the first map in a day but can’t move on to the next without having all the mangers too. Problem is that after spending the next week just watching ads to try to get the missing managers I still haven’t got them. UPDATE: Finally got the last manager and guess what, it STILL won’t let me move to the next map, even though Map1 now shows 100%. Also, not a single response here from the Devs, just not listening. Uninstalling!

Major glitch causing backpack upgrade levels to sync forcing the plaver to choose where to use the 3 upgrades. As this glitch is obviously after only a few minutes, I have to consider this game unfinished and broken. The game is also seriously unbalanced as far as the cost of upgrades. I might change the rating when there are no obvious glitches.

This game I am enjoying but the thing that is bugging me right now is the amount of people I have standing about because the machines don’t produce fast enough. I get like 1 block but have like 4 or 5 workers standing there. I have maxed alot of things out . There should be an option just to speed production up. To the point you have to balance workers and the speed of thr machine.

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