miniSweeper – Use strategy and smart thinking

[Game] miniSweeper – Ad free Minesweeper

miniSweeper  A new take on the classic MineSweeper game!

Use strategy and smart thinking to reveal all the mines as fast as possible!


Completely free without ads or premiums
Sleek and modern minimalist design
Responsive touch controls that minimizes frustrating mistakes
Optimized to not drain your battery
Highly customizable with different settings and themes
Make the board any size you’d like
Easily jump in and out and your game will always be saved


Each square contains a number showing how many mines are around it. You lose the game when you clear a mine. Hold to flag the squares where you think the mines are and tap to clear the ones where they are not. You can clear everything that isn’t flagged around a previously cleared square by tapping it. Once you’ve cleared everything but the mines you win!

miniSweeper user reviews :

Excellent minesweeper clone. I like the different themes, and the animations are subtle and fun. My only issues are very minor: I wish there was a “classic” theme like the original Windows game, and using a long tap instead of manually switching is a bit hard to get used to. Highly recommended.

This is fantastic App. I am addicted to it. I only wish there were a few more contols like the long press delay. May be you can think of different contols like swipe? Swipe up to flag/clear, down to dig? Long press is eating up time and messing up best times. Otherwise the game is beautifully modernised in this app. Thank you!

Actually ad free! And a nice variety of light and dark themes, too. Just what it says on the tin. Minesweeper! Love it.

The perfect minesweeper app. Simple and elegant, great visuals, great sound design, no ads. Sounds too good to be true… But here it is.

This is great! I’ve been playing the heck out of this, and the only real criticisms I have are ones that would apply to any random mine placement logic. The sound effects are really satisfying, and the ability to resize the play area or switch to a dark mode are great for accessibility between devices. I haven’t tried out the custom mode, but my times aren’t getting any better in the default difficulties, so I’ll be trying that out soon.

Its just a great mobile version of minesweeper, no ads, no in app purchases, no garbage, just a good game.

The flags won’t be placed sometimes even though you were holding the squares, the game doesn’t accurately recognise the touch sometimes.

A no nonsense Minesweeper game. That’s all you need. I don’t know if the random pick situations can be toned down, but they come less often in the sizes I play in.

Fun, simple, no micro transactions or ads. Highly recommended.

Implementation is good, but the game is bad. I often get into situations where it’s not possible to work out the bomb location based on the numbers, at which point the game becomes a game of chance, which is pointless.

This is probably the most true to form version of minesweeper you can get. Of course there are impossible situations with 100% guesswork, so did the original.

Great update on the standard Minesweeper game. I really like the graphics and ability to change the theme (I use the Dark theme). It’s the only Minesweeper version I’ve seen that allows pinch-to-zoom and it’s amazing, I won’t be able to play without it anymore! Thank you for adding the ability to switch the controls in game too, it makes pay much easier.

I’ve been a big Minesweeper fan for the majority of my life, however I’ve been unable to find a good version of the classic game on Android. Most either had too many ads or features that took away from what made Minesweeper so good in the first place. That’s not the case with miniSweeper though, as it’s ad free and it’s just straight up classic Minesweeper gameplay, which is what I’ve been looking for. I’d love a stat tracking feature, but aside from that this game is perfect! Loving it!

6 stars if I could. A great version of minesweeper with 3 preset sizes and the ability to set a custom board. Different themes are available including a night theme, which is a gamechanger when you’re playing in a dark area and don’t want to get blinded by a white rectangle. The interface is clean and functional, and I haven’t found any bugs with the game thus far. No other minesweeper app compares. Just get this one.

To start with the bad, this version of Minesweeper is prone to solutions impossible to prove by logic. Many games (mostly on hard) have ended this way. However, everything else is amazing. The presentation is beyond great. A lot of love was put into it, with plenty of customizable options from colors to a customizable board. All in an ad free package? It’s crazy to think that I didn’t have to pay a cent for this. Now, if you’re into playing harder variants, you may have to download another app, but for all others this game is beyond exceptional.

Simple. Incredibly pleasing to the eyes. Great UI compatible with full screen gestures in Android 10 and great haptics as well. No. Ads. Literally one of the best applications I’ve installed this whole year long. A simple question though. Is this game solvable without having to guess? I know Windows classic Minesweeper had scenarios where you had to take a guess, but some newer versions are 100% solvable logically.

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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