Miracle City 2 – Miracles and decorations makes up a gorgeous city

[Game] Miracle City 2

Miracle City 2Miracle City 2 : Miracle City is a fantastic city building/farming game. By growing crops, building houses, and mining, you gain money and energy to develop your city.

Decorations will please your citizens and so to make them work harder and more efficiently.

Visiting and helping your friends often so that you may receive gifts and help from them which will accelerate the development of your city.

Join us now in the Miracle City, and make your city the most fanciful one!

Highlighted features:

A huge variety of adorable buildings, miracles and decorations makes up a gorgeous city view in an easy arrangement.
Crops in Miracle City are imperishable, so you can drop in and harvest them at any time you like.
Complete goals to win extra rewards.
Unique “Happiness” concept – Place more decorations when you build more shops, so your citizens will be happy and pay more tax.
Help friends and send them gifts will bring you gifts in return, and you can increase their values by boosting your gifts before open them.
Redesign as you like without any delay in harvest.

More events are coming soon! Please contact us if you have any suggestion. Enjoy building your own Miracle City with your friends right away!

Miracle City 2 user reviews :

I miss the old miracle city. I had that game back in 2013 and had to uninstall because my phone’s storage was low. Now I have a phone with tons of storage and I remembered that game! When I saw it wasn’t available I was bummed but saw this version. So far it’s fine but the first miracle city was much better!! I wish they kept it available on the play store

Game needs a serious update.. It closes/crashes NON STOP! Sometimes I can’t even play it’s so bad.. This version is restrictive towards the player. Takes an enormous amount of gems or time to update. You can’t save your progress and use it on a different device. What’s the purpose of paying when your efforts will be lost on a new device? Fix these issues!

Cute city building /farm building game, fairly easy quests and easy building level ups so far just started playing today am now lvl 13.not sure how easy it is going to be to get items required to expand but will soon see. It has brilliant graphics and is easy to control when moving things. I have 1 problem it won’t connect to Facebook just keeps giving an error message so have connected support band am awaiting a response.

Old Miracle City was way better… Wish you’d just updated that one. This one keeps crashing on current android os so doesn’t give much incentive to pay with these new vip micro transactions. Why do all the developers feel the need to redo what was working… Fix the constant crashes please and many won’t mind spending a few dollars here and there that seem to be so much more necessary with this new sub par version of an old greater game… Having same issue as others, won’t connect to FB

I still like the game. Just one problem, i load the game and the game kicks me off. I reload it will do it again oh about 5 or 6 times. Other than that i dont have a problem. Any suggestions?

I love the game. It does kick me out a lot. It didn’t use to be very often, but now it does it a lot more. The game is fun. I just keep getting kicked out.

I really like this game, but every damn time I visit friends the stupid game force closes on me!! This is SUPER frustrating!! Also thank you for adding videos to earn free gifts!! But there is a glitch also because it also force closes on me when I try to watch videos!!! Please fix this or I WILL uninstall this game and you will loose a fan and supporter of the game!!!!!

Cute relaxing game. I love that there’s not a million tedious chores to do, just grow build collect. Decorations are very nice and I love building my own city. The offers on purchases are priced right and special deals seem plentiful. I’m anxious to see how they grow this game.

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