Miss Hollywood Fashion Pets – Adopt these stylish pets

[Game] Miss Hollywood Fashion Pets

Miss Hollywood Fashion Pets

Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood™, the fabulous new pet series!

Miss Hollywood and her fashionable furry friends are all strays with a dream: to be the pet they were destined to become. Adopt these stylish pets today so you can dress, groom, play, feed – and make their dreams come true!


5 unique pets, each with their own quirky personality and style!
The more you take care of them, the happier they get!
Dress them up in a variety of snazzy outfits and accessories!
Shampoo, rinse, and blow-dry their fur!
Feed your pets all kinds of yummy treats!
Play entertaining games and activities!
Take photos and give them the star treatment!
Tablet compatible!


Miss Hollywood – This fashionable socialite Chihuahua is destined for stardom and diamond-studded tiaras!
Miss Puggy – This prima donna pug is a glamour gal who fancies dance parties and truffle biscuits!
Princess –This feline first lady is a sophisticated Persian cat who longs for nothing more than a royal spa treatment!
Sport – This young goofy mutt is incredibly energetic and wants to play sports and games!
B-Dawg –This rugged and tough Boston terrier aspires to become a Hip Hop DJ and chew expensive bones!

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Miss Hollywood Fashion Pets user reviews :

It’s a very good game and the pets are SO CUTE, but mabye do like mini games, then you get coins or dimonds, then you can buy packs with your coins and dimonds, and mabye some quests for like every Hollywood game you guys have, PLEASE… I’m sure a lot of people would appriciate it.

The in-app purchases are cheap, only costing 2 dollars, but there should be more ways to do with the dogs. There should be more clothes, accessories, backgrounds, some competitions, and a way to change the dog’s pose when you take a picture of them

Its a really good game, but I think that you should be able to earn new outfits instead of buying them . Because what if your parents say that you can’t by them and it gets kind of boring just trying on the same outfits on over and over again and you can’t make miss holly wood happy when she wants somthing you have to by please send this to budge stoudios

It is a grate game for any age adorable but I had rated it 3 star well because you got to pay to get the other stuff I mean who is going to do that. You only get 2 of each accessory I mean come on but overall I love it I had since I was 5 . But I think everyone would agree why will you waste money I’m 11 and I love it

It’s great the only problom is they neeeeeed to change the cost to 0 dollers and 0 cents. It’s a sad story but aleast it has a happy ending, Tap the yes button if you think so to.

Okay I really don’t like the game I only like it a little bit that’s why I gave it 1 star because you have to by so many stuff you have to buy there’s so much stuff and every characters unlocked I mean only 1 character is Unlock every other character is locked This is 1 of the worst games ever Do not install ITIT will hurt your feelings

I gave it 3 stars because the faces are laggy and b daug’s face is funny and when I make them happy the screen is pink please fix this

it is so fun I can’t stop playing it I’ve been playing it for about a year now and I just want to let you know I’m 8 years old

  • Thanks for the feedback! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying the game!

It’s So cute I recommend this to Kids And Toddler’s This just made my little Sister So Happy She is 4 And She Loves This Game I Recommend this To Kids and Toddlers still

Its so cute game i love it.can plsss make a part 2 of miss hollywood?its so duper cutieee game.

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