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[Game] Miss Hollywood Vacation

Miss Hollywood Vacation

Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood®: Vacation!

After winning a dream getaway to visit a beautiful island resort, Miss Hollywood® and a group of her International pet friends arrive at Paradise Cove. There is just one problem, the hotel is in shambles! By competing in island adventure challenges, the pets can win prizes to help Paradise Cove become the dream destination it used to be!

DECORATE 7 themed pet hotel rooms
EARN pet outfits and play dress up
SURF the waves
PLAY mini golf
BUILD sand castles
CREATE and mix rainbow colored slushies!
COOK and roll sushi
DANCE to island jams

MISS HOLLYWOOD®: a fashionista Chihuahua from glamorous Los Angeles
CHINOOK: an energetic Husky dog from Canada
LOULOU: a posh poodle from Paris
KOKO: a loving Koala from Australia
JAG: an athletic Jaguar from Brazil
CLEO PAWTRA: a royal Sphinx cat from Egypt
AKI: a samurai Akita dog from Japan

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Miss Hollywood Vacation user reviews :

It’s family-friendly and there are many fun minigames with prizes. Gathering enough will improve the vacation. But there are only two free pets, and the others are money despite it being a kids game. Another thing is that they self-advertise way too much where it’s annoying. Lastly the voice acting can be constant and I recommend a double tap system to skip it. If you improve the game I’d consider four or five stars.

This Game is for ages 3 to 9. It keeps kids entertained for about an hour without buying in game features with real money (which is about ten dollars for all features and 2 or 3 dollars for one specific pet or feature.) If you get the whole game, it entertains kids for about two to three hours. If you buy just one pet, it adds about another half hour to play time. The instructions are read out loud (helpful so parents do not have to contiually read directions to their child.)

I use to play this game all the time when I was 6-8 years old, it was so fun but honestly it’s such a waste of time. you have to buy the other pets and ads pop up when you’re doing good, I personally do not like games like that. I understand you want to earn money from you’re games but i’m sure people would like it more if there wasnt any thing that costs money, but I do enjoy the game otherwise.

I enjoyed the game it was really fun having to earn the items to decorate rooms but one thing that was really annoying was that I have to pay to get other animals. I understand that it is a way of making more money with this app but if you could at least make either two more or one more animal free then the game would be a lot more fun to play. Another idea would be too add more minigames to make it that bit more fun.

I really like this game a lot but if I could change anything in this game it would be the adds and how they pop up where ever they want and I wish the other pets were available without have to pay money but everything except that it’s a really fun game and I suggest you download because it cause it’s a really fun and it’s a good way to spend time when your board.

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