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MixcloudExplore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes, playlists and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free.

The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Explore a wide range of genres and categories
Follow creator channels to keep up with their latest shows
Keep track of your listening and streaming history
Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world
Queue up what you want to listen to later
Sync your listening experience across your devices
Tap into communities of likeminded listeners and creators

Issues with playback stopping? See help.mixcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007293139-Why-does-Mixcloud-stop-playing-when-I-put-my-phone-to-sleep-

Mixcloud user reviews :

A totally unstable app in the last few days. It’s just impossible to enjoy a mix, it stops in every 3 seconds, just buffering than … nothing happens. I thought it was the problem just for older mixes, the new ones seems to work quite OK but it’s not correct. I mean, the older mixes should be played as good as the new ones. Definitely 1 star. I hope you guys will fix this bug as it’s a fantastic app. P.S. problems fixed. Good job guys. Review edited. 5 stars.

  • Our team have been working 7/7 throughout the past couple of weeks to resolve these issues and can now report that significant improvements have been made that should improve the listening experience. Please let us know whether you see any improvements and apologies for the impacted service. Thanks for the feedback.

I been having the app for some days. I searched some music albums, started to listen and after 10 minutes or so got black screen with sad face saying that something went wrong, please try again. So I did try later thinking maybe is maintenance or something like that. But even now, after almost a week, is same. My internet connection is fine. I don’t know what it could be … If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

  • Please send me details to support[at]mixcloud.com with your Mixcloud username so my colleagues can look into this.

Is give this app 5 stars ALL DAY, but it continues to stop while listening. Which makes for a very frustrating experience. Grooving out to whatever mix and bam stops playing. Get message, error occurred while play back. I unfortunately end up bailing after a few tries. There are SO MANY options when choosing what to listen to music on. Not having an app that works is not a good look. On top of that, I post mixes on here. Are people having the same issue when trying to listen to my mix?

probably one of the worst functioning apps I’ve used in the last years. it has always been loaded with bugs and errors and weird ways of browsing and all sorts. I do use it almost every day but I wish it could be sorted out, if it’s even possible. Don’t want to subscribe to anything or pay for anything that has such poor level of functionality. Platform itself was ok, I guess.

I hate to join the list of complainers, but i hope the devs are noting and addressing the issues raised. I use this app most days and its never a problem free experience. Mixes stop for no reason, it frequently crashes and then loses the mix that i was listening too and it is really patchy playing live streams. I have to keep using it as it has so much good music, but each time i open it i prepare myself for interruptions and issues :(

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback. We are working hard to improve the reliability and the experience for users across the platform. Could you please contact support about these issues here? help.mixcloud.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Please include your username so that we can investigate this further. Thanks

I’ve just updated this app because it keeps stopping every few minutes and I have to keep pressing play again. But it hasn’t made the slightest difference. It’s no wonder I rarely use it, preferring either Spotify or Soundcloud…

Constant stopping while in use randomly, and have to be on a web browser to quit premium. The design is just not well thought out: if you play from a Playlist, it won’t even automatically play all of that list. If it behaved like any other media player it would get at least 4 stars

This app has improved so much in the past year, especially being able to skip backward if you missed something. Great app for finding new music and working while listening.

I experienced this mix listen as a very varied textural sound journey with a global feel. It starts off with a minimilist type tech feel. The final arrival at the destination is banging bright sharp and colourful where rhythm unapologetically shows up in a full on mash up of break beats, electro to mention just a few. Original banging mix show great structure flare.

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