MMA Manager 2 – Recruit your very own champions

[Game] MMA Manager 2 – Ultimate Fight

MMA Manager 2

Make your way in the world of MMA Management – hire trainers, purchase gyms and fill them with state-of-the-art equipment, plan out your fights, pick up coaches that know their way around a ring, and of course, recruit your very own champions in the making!

Whether you’re going for a tanky heavyweight or an agile lightweight, the dynamic planner has you covered. Plan ahead and create a specific game plan to show off in the ring. Create a new plan for each fight so you’re never caught off guard.

With each new opponent, your fighter will learn and improve. Train them with new skills in your very own gym. As your fighter trains in different skills, they’ll learn new and improved offensive moves.

When your fighters have what it takes, hop into the Fight Club to test your metal.

Enter the ring! Win the battles and earn credits, prestige, and cash. Get ready to work hard and fight harder!

Collect a team of world-class fighters
Customize your fighters by training them with new exciting moves in the ring
Dynamic action-packed fights based on your strategies and fighter skills
Create a fight plan based on your opponent’s weaknesses and your fighter’s strengths
Use the right fighter and the right plan across multiple game modes
Survive against other players in the Fight Club!
Single-player multiple weight class campaigns with branching progression paths

Join in the ultimate MMA experience!

MMA Manager 2 user reviews :

Way better than part 1. This one seems a bit more grindy which is fine. The lag issues are irritating but they’ve been covered. A feature id like to see added is being able to change strategies between rounds. Its hard seeing the stand up isn’t working but you can’t swap to ground and pound in between rounds. This should be a feature in this game.

They Got Greedy. The old model for purchases and customization was perfect, but create a fighter is now gone and if you want to customize your fighter, you have to have blue coins. I put a lot of money into the first one, but I won’t for this obvious and embarrassing cash-grab. The graphics are much better, but not to the level of investment the company thinks.

Down two stars due to energy and how fast it is consumed. Add more ways for us to regain energy while we play, Saunas or shakes, Ice baths. This is definitely better than the first game but I catch myself playing less because of how energy is implemented. I urge to get rid of that and get more creative with how you plan to monetize. Limited gameplay is not a winner. Other than that the game is solid, Not being able to play when you want to grind kills it for me.

  • Sorry for your bad gaming experience. We would love to solve the issue so please contact us for further assistance on Facebook or send an email to support[at] You can also send a support request from the game in the settings screen.

It is a huge improvement graphically from the first game, but that’s just about the only thing that has improved. Still having issues with connecting to the master server when getting into the game and it has a noticeable lag during matches. It has potential to be a 4-5 star game but it can’t be enjoyable with these issues that make it unplayable

There is a quite a bit of lag with this app and there are a few bugs that need to be worked out, especially since it seems every 10 minutes it freezes up or tries to re connect to the server. However when it decides to work it seems like it’s better designed than the first and easier to understand what is going on. Capable of being a 4-5 star but kind of hard to give it anything more than a 2 star due to the issues this app has.

  • We apologize that you are experiencing connection issues with the game. Please try reinstalling the game and restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, please contact us on Facebook or send an email to support[at] with your device information and any relevant screenshots.

Been playing for about 2 weeks, go to play today and says I don’t have access to the app. Okay uninstalled and reinstalled working now, seems to be a Google issue. But this game is a huge improvement over the first, loving all different ways you can customize with scrolls and traits. Love the level caps, helps with balance saves time grinding level 5s to 2100 base stats. But the new players don’t get how to build or set gameplans properly yet, which makes for lots of easy wins

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