Modern Warplanes – Fight on all the best jet planes and aircraft interceptors

[Game] Modern Warplanes

Modern Warplanes  Modern Warplanes transfers you to the world of modern military aeronautics.

You will be able to fight on all the best known pursuit planes and airborne interceptors of our generation. To manage the own base and participate in online fighting.


Magnificent graphic, as in PC- projects.
Online game will allow you to fight against the real players from the wide variety of countries.
12 types of combat aircrafts. Including 10 real-world and 2 prototypes of the 6th generation.

Each plane has the own second-rate weapon and unique characteristics and capabilities.
More than 30 various collectables, from rockets, to main guns which you can freely install.
Competent performance of the game, well- designed gameplay and all accompanying game moments.
Both Online and Offline application operation in case of the Internet failure.

The game lays claim to the best action-simulator in mobile direction today.

Modern Warplanes user reviews :

I love the game and been playing it for years, it have nice graphics and booster effects and I admire the model air platforms that is being uses a lot more recently. I just fine it difficult to lock on target and watching my airplane surrounding range while engaging at same time making it hard to keep lock especially during gun range. Other then that I am enjoying the game, I don’t have any issues then that and recommend this game to others who enjoy flying, and air to air combat.

A great game. I really like playing it. I have a request. I am requesting for a new mission for this game. The mission would be destruction of Enemy Air Defense. Basically the aircraft have to destroy the anti air missile system before the missile shoots it down. The anti aircraft system would be placed on both land and sea. Hopefully the game developer see this. Thanks.

I have been at MWP for a long time, the devs strive to meet the growing needs of all the pilots. While game play is not perfect, it still fills that little void inside of me that requires flight. While it’s not the same as actually flying, it’s close enough. The battles can be very intense. Yes it does take time and practice but the fun is well worth the effort. I encourage everyone to play!! Stick with it and practice!! Your patience will be rewarded and you will grow stronger. TeamUSA RULES!!

Dear modern warplanes after update map graphics looks good but planes looks very poor and not matching with atmosphere. Levia and HQ theems also looks poor then before online players count also come down .game overall rating goes down after update i hope developers will notice it and work on it.
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  • Hello! We’ve added a free daily booster for watching an advertisement.
Awesome game, by far the best war plane simulator i have ever played. I have a suggestion that might help cut down cheating. Most cheaters are looking for maximum points so they can use them to purchase things legally thus fly under the radar because purchases are legit. So they us programs and patches that causes your game to perform differently during online play. (You can’t control that, i understand) However, i may have an easy solution to this problem. I will be in touch……
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  • Hello! We are happy you like the game! We would be happy to see you on our Facebook page: Please consider giving us more stars in the future
GOOD game but last stands planes we can’t to see . like x1raven . it is invisible to watch so .in war there are many places like Atlantic..can the war place was made in Indian Ocean also .sometimes it not work properly. going to slowly .please take a step with a fresh update. game is interesting. please make a night , rainy mode in both oceans . that’s made more interesting. I saw the game veido and see the night and rainy mode . so I tell SIR please fix or make the night rainy mod
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  • Thank you for the review. We are pleased you like the game. It will be seen after you unlock it.
Game is superb. Fix the profile name issue. Game is lagging after new update. Unable to play online when more than 3 players join the room. There should be an easy way to play with friends like PUBG. Add friends option. Thanks
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  • You don’t need to be a hacker to change a name, just go to profile screen and change it, and you can feel yourself hacker. We are sorry you didn’t like the game. Could you please tell us what you didn’t like in the game. It will help us make the game even better. You can write it here or at assistance.gdc[at] Thank you.

Waiting for the training mode ;) cos I not a pilot~ Anyway, silver coin’s animation on game start up seems buggy. I think this silver coin’s animation need to be removed

AWESOME Is so epic and amazing,one of the best games I have played! I just want to know why can’t I play training mode? Is it a work in progress

Could of been….5 If not for the fueling part this game could have easily taken 1st over the modern combat online series. The graphics are great smooth animations the auto cannon fire outstanding idea the sound and way the missiles fire one of a kind (copyright that) the other downfall WHY SO EXPENSIVE to buy stuff? Keep it .99 and I’ll buy ton of stuff

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Stabilization update

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