Mommy Maze – Help Mommy and Huggy to clean up

[Game] Mommy Maze – Stretch Long Legs

Mommy MazeDo you like mazes and puzzle games?

Then join the Mommy Maze game and help Mommy and Huggy to clean up! Solve the maze and find the toy while completing interesting levels with labyrinth full of obstacles and scary things! Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by stretching the character’s arms and legs. Mommy and Huggy have long arms and long legs like ropes! They are suitable for any labyrinth!

Game features:

Spooky Mommy Long Legs, Huggy and Bunzo Bunny
Labyrinths, mazes, puzzles, quests, brain teasers for everyone’s taste
Mommy Long Legs can crawl the walls of the maze
Huggy inspiration: the game is based on the famous novelty about escape rooms!
One finger to stretch legs or arms
Multiple unique levels with Bunzo Bunny and Huggy
High quality graphics and sound
Step by step increasing difficulty
Smooth animation when you stretch it.

In the Mommy Maze game there are dozens of mazes, where you need to avoid treacherous obstacles, solve challenging puzzles, stretch legs and find the toy like in Huggy. Time to play for Mommy Long Legs in this unusual puzzle game!

Mommy Maze user reviews :

The game is cool. But I rated 4 stars. Because in level 30 i try to get poppy. But when I get on the annoying lazers it kills Mommy long legs. Please fix it. I like it

  • Hi! Thank you for the high rating, we appreciate your support. We assure you that every level is passable, you just need to apply some skills Have fun!

you are mommy long legs trying to collect hands and poppy dolls idk why But you use a joy stick and try avoiding obstacles but the thing is when your in a tunnel and your crawling you end up flinging your leg into lava or spikes and it wastes your extra hands its super annoying and should be fixed Like bro use better quality and fix the obstacles

  • Hello, Judy! Thank you for your feedback! We’re doing our best to make the game even better. So your feedback is really important to us. Stay tuned for the updates!

The game at the firts day my is amazing later so levels is same later i don’t have also liked

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

This game is so bad I have my wifi on and I keep dying in level 26 that I skip the level and I have my wifi on but it says I don’t have my wifi on and finally it works but then kicks me out FIX THIS RIGHT NOW OR ELSE I’LL KILL YOU

  • Hi! We feel sorry that you have issues. We’ll try to get rid of this bug as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates!

Great Game! Can You Add New Characters? To Me I Would Want Figure From Doors! Please Respond To My Review!

I really like this game so could you add a bron to this game as a epic character?

I love this game because the mommy character is so cute

amazing game and a really fun maze game and the 1 thing is weird why are we catching poppy ?

  • Hello! We’re happy that you appreciate our game and are glad you’re enjoying it! That’s our idea. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us info[at]

i rated this 4 bc i cant watch the ads for the bunzo skin even tho i already have wifi on although its great

  • Nice game like stretch guy This is to Satisfying mommy long legs is to BIG this is make me Nice when i start to download in august 16 2022 there no glitch so have a nice day

Great game continue. We are waiting more updates.

Yes the game is nice but little ad its still best

It’s pretty good not gonna lie

I cant download

  • Hi! We feel sorry that you have issues. We’ll try to get rid of this bug as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates!

This is so nice so i give it five stars because you can strich every part of the poppy playtime

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