Monster Dash – Run and gun your way through hordes of zombies

[Game] Monster Dash

Monster Dash  Run and gun your way through hordes of zombies, vampires and more with the most explosive and powerful weapons you can find! Join Barry Steakfries in a world full of menacing monster mayhem!

DASH as fast as you can

SHOOT hordes of monsters

JUMP over oncoming enemies

Should you choose to accept, you must travel with Barry Steakfries and exterminate the monsters plaguing this universe.

Collect loot and level-up
Shoot hordes of monsters across different worlds
Unlock killer weapons, cool gadgets and radical costumes
Complete challenging missions
Play arcade mode for endless fun

Join the Google Play Store’s awesome run and gun game!

With Monster Dash resurrected and back from the dead, almost everything has been tweaked, refreshed, and updated.

As part of this, weapons and missions have changed too! This means that for our returning fans, you’ll need to play through the missions again and discover all the cool new content!

From the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride!


Please note that Monster Dash is a free to play game that includes optional in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Monster Dash user reviews :

It’s just awesome. So fun to play. So many achievements to try to earn. It’s just ENDLESS FUN!!

This game is great and fun like I remember it and Have been playing it for a while my only complaint is in the Ghostbusters event, why did you take away the free armor that didn’t use up a gadget slot and make a helmet that does the exact same thing and make in use a gadget slot. Please take away the helmet and bring back the original armor.

It’s back but worst. The new graphics/artstyle is just unappealing for me like I know it’s meant to appeal for younger audience but you might change the UI as sound effects as well because it doesn’t fit the new graphics anymore. Lots of pay to win mechanics and adpocalypse. I wish there is an option to switch back to 8bit graphics. EDIT: Change my mind: This game is more fun than it use to be. The game became laggy after I updated it.

I use to love this game but the new art style its awful its not the same game I used to play in 2018 to 2019. The new level select music its just worst. I don’t know what happened to the old art style and I don’t know why you would change it, if they did this to the original,I would be upset.

This used to be a great arcade game but now it’s buggy with bad graphics, overly expensive weapons, in game purchase exclusives, skins for some reason and an unneeded galaxy theme.

It’s fine for what it is, but the Monsters are hard to see sometimes and aren’t avoidable at all

Awesome upgrade. Even brought back my missing coins and purchases from three years ago. Tons of new features.

this game pretty awesome to play it and I enjoy it. But in 2021 version the graphics and character art is pretty cool

This is cool even tho I don’t like it pixel put now it’s no more pixel so thanks making it not pixel anymore and is fun

I just played and it said click anywhere to continue and i clicked every single piece of my phone and nothing happened

I love this game so much I like the new art Style! It’s very fun

My childhood I used to play this game back in the old days of 2015-2017, excellent game, I loved running and killing monsters on my way, and I was always up to the challenge of beating the levels and get 3 medals on each. Definitely a masterpiece made out of creativity, unlike most of what we have now on the playstore, that are basically really dumb and filled with ads. In fact the ads that sponsor most of those apps that are on the playstore nowadays are even worst the the apps themselves..

A lot of fun but the graphics need an update. Compared to jet pack joyride it’s just lacking a bit. No real glitches yet though so that’s a plus

Sorry for my strong language but I support this app. It’s strong stance against the illegal immigration of mummies, zombies, vampires, yeti, and devils into this great land should be seen as a call to arms. BUILDING A WALL IS NOT ENOUGH! We need to build a wall with a moat. An army of motorcyclists should be placed on guard to run down any Monsters (hereafter known as M-words) that manage to get past the moat-wall.

Best This game is awsome and very fun to play and can you guys fix the sign in for half brick it wont let me sign in buts it good

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