Monster Legends – Unlock new skills and amazing powers

[Game] Monster Legends

Monster Legends  Tame mighty beasts of legend and breed them to create new species.

Unlock new skills and amazing powers to make ferocious Monster Squads ready to battle it out in the Adventure Map or to smite your enemies in the Monsters’ Arena.

An adventure of monstruous proportions is about to begin.


NEW! Embark on quests and get countless rewards! Exclusively for the Google Play Monster Legends! Go to the game, tap on the Achievements icon and take on these challenges!
Breed to produce fearsome, fighting hybrids and feed to acquire new skills.
More than 180 unique Monsters … and new beasts to find every week.
Battle head to head in 3 on 3 combat!
Choose between Adventure or Arena mode. Test your skills, strategy and stamina to the max!
Select your opponents, steal their resources and shield yourself from attacks.
Fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard.
Unlock treasures as you progress through the Adventure Map – a world of wonders , dangers and unknown Monster adversaries awaits you!
Gain vital experience to level up your Monsters.
Be social. Visit and help your friends out!

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Monster Legends user reviews :

I love this game! It’s so entertaining and there is lots to do.barely any ads pop up! There is a few things which is quite annoying. First of all it can be very laggy from time to time but it might just be my phone. Also the update where you can’t pick who you fight is very annoying. In battles I will eiver play against my level (9-10) but then next game play against a bunch of monsters with level 20!!! Other than that, an amazing game

The gameplay is pretty fun, but it’s hardly beginner friendly- especially if you’re just now trying out the game, because of a certain collab. Gathering resources takes forever, there’s a slew of ads that won’t let you back into the game, and it feels like a big chore to play right now. Matchmaking in the arena is really terrible, too, since I’ve wound up facing overpowered players three times in a row, while I’m unable to power up my monsters anywhere near that level. It’s a major commitment.

Overall great,this game has many things to do with,you can never really stop,with endless events,new eras featuring new monsters,and even some YouTubers,it’s good for people with tons of spare time,and even if you don’t,you can still just enjoy it,the one big issue is the fact that many things are behind a paywall,some of which make events easier,you can just pay for skipping most of the events,but as someone who has just started a alt acc after 6 years,you can’t get tired,4/5

Really great game! It’s very easy, but I really miss the 72 hour challenge card games. Please bring them back. Please. EDIT: just a suggestion but you should make a VR version of this game. EDIT 2: The breeding events are much better than they were before, but most every monster you need is some lower popularity monster that no one even knows exists anymore, and therefore, never try to get them, making the breeding events impossible for most players, other than that though, GREAT JOB!

The game was super fun. So much cool stuff. The sad thing is that i am leaving. I am leaving because with this new updates i cant progress anymore. Is too hard to progress now. The updates came to fast. The update with the multiplayers just destroyed the game. I dont have monsters to compete with the mythics. I know that social point wanted to make something new but it kinda ruined the game. That’s just my opinion. I am really sorry. Jeep up the good work and have a nice day! Adios!

This game is great and I have played it before. I have a glitch and I’ve tried fixing it but nothing works. Instead of seeing all the text and building I just see the coding of the game. I don’t know how to fix it but if socializing could tell how to fix it. But try this game its awesome the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Its also the same with dragon city.

So much improvement so far This game has came a very long way everything from monsters to everything else is amazing, I just want them to get rid of the hackers in this game and improve on the sound effects for the Android users and another thing I can’t stand is that people hack this game and doesn’t make it fair for other players who actually pay money to get where they are in this game I don’t like that fact this game is a pocket burner they need to be more reasonable with stuff like that cause not everyone has money like that.

This game rocks!!!! :D It is so cool I can’t believe my eyes oh PS anyone who has trouble breeding monsters go to Google and search for monster legends breeding guide because I wrote down breeding tactics and I am gonna get epic monsters and also keep up good work socialpoint

Have not been able to play in days! Every time I try to open the game it kicks back out and closes. I have not changed anything on my phone to cause this issue. I have emailed support twice, its been over two days and they have not responded. Which tells me either they don’t know how to fix it, or they just don’t care!!

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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