Monster Shooter – Defend the earth and the universe

[Game] Monster Shooter – Space Invader

Monster Shooter Monsters are born from cosmic black holes and travel to invade the planets of galaxies.

They’re getting closer to the earth. Join the space fleet that defends the earth and the universe.

If you are a fan of space shooting and chicken shooting games, then Monster Shooter: Space Invaders is your game. This game is suitable for all ages due to its simple gameplay. You will have a true adventure in the galaxy with modern combat and diverse game modes.

The attack that spans the universe sets you on fire with the space shooter. To protect the galaxy, you will have to face a slew of evil monsters and deal with a slew of aggressive bosses. In the battle to defend the universe, try to find the key to destroy them. The universe’s last hope is in your hands, build a fleet of spaceships and defend the Earth from hordes of alien monsters.

Activate special attack mode after each hand release.
Lots of uniquely designed monsters with their dangers.
Lots of game rounds that are constantly updated, providing players with a variety of challenges.
Lots of warships, each with a unique design and equipment to suit different types of enemies.
In addition to the main spaceship, there are two assistants to assist in increasing attack ability.
Significantly improve the warships.
Lots of additional equipment to aid the spaceship’s combat capability.
A variety of tasks and attractive rewards
A well-balanced combination of images and sounds will provide players with a memorable experience.

Touch the screen and move to avoid enemy attacks, shoot back and destroy them.
Click to activate super attack mode.

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Monster Shooter user reviews :

This is a decent, cute-em-up shooter reminiscent of Sky Champ. It looks good and plays well but suffers from some balancing issues, particularly in the Arena mode. Difficulty scales by sharply increasing enemy health, which means a significant investment in upgrades just to keep pace. It’s not uncommon to hit a wall very early because you just can’t do enough damage to enemies. The upgrade system is fine, if a little confusing, but it would be nice if player skill had a bigger role in progress.

I liked it so much I bought the beginner pack. It’s cool with the colors and the handling of the game. I feel like the fun factor is here, it not all serious or hard to grow. It’s an easy pick up and play shooter that you might find yourself willing to support. Game feel well put together a lil storyline a good user interface and alot of tiny adjustments you can make to make the game more easy for you. That’s why I support them, it’s the little things you don’t see everyday. Try this game.

One of the best shoot em ups on the play store!! Definitely y’all should give this game a shot.

Why am I only allowed to play ARENA mode online only? For a person such as myself, I don’t have Internet Broadband (WiFi) in my flat. And I don’t get much mobile data. Having to play the ARENA mode is kinda frustrating. Please make ARENA mode playable offline. 5 Stars if you do.

Basically its a copy of other games, that damn near identical to others I’ve played,disappointing but not the worst out there but just nothing new so sorry team its a low score from me sadly

One of the better ones so far. Hardly any ads, which is amazing these days. Enjoying it

love this game. fun engaging and don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to advance. well balanced game!

A refreshing take on the space invaders theme. Fun art, fun gameplay.

Started off as a decent fun game. But after playing the last several times and having the game kick me out after every other level I’ve decided to delete it and move on. Shame. Definitely had promise.

Love the game play. Challenging but plenty of bonus perks if you use them.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

So amazing. I’m enjoying every level of it

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

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