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[Game] Moonlight Lovers Ivan

Moonlight Lovers Ivan  Discover a French otome game in English with Moonlight Lovers!

A series of interactive stories (choice game) in a dark, mysterious and dangerous universe…

The best part? You can play the Moonlight Lovers visual novel for free.

Each story is divided into chapters. In each episode, you will need to make different choices to personalize your interactive story. You can play all the choice games of the Moonlight Lovers series for free and in any order. Each character has their own love story, their own adventure, and their own mysteries… Your romance can end in three different ways in this choice game: it’s up to you to uncover the mysteries of the manor and the vampires that live there!


“I inherited this immense manor from my parents. I had no knowledge of its existence. Barely having set foot in this place, I already felt watched and observed… What is going on here?”

Ivan is the youngest vampire at the Manor. Constantly pulled in two directions, he hasn’t accepted his condition as a creature of the night. Ivan isn’t able to leave his past behind him and he is consumed by nostalgia and guilt. He will have to learn how to control himself so that he doesn’t endanger the people he cares for.

Will the bond that unites you to Ivan be strong enough to liberate him… and protect you?


Choice game: Moonlight Lovers is an interactive story. In each episode, you will be able to make a multitude of choices each have a consequence on your story. Choose your destiny!
Three different endings can be unlocked depending on your choices. Will you experience the best possible ending?
Romance: Six vampires, each with a different story, intrigue and personality. Six intense love stories.
Visual novel: A visual adventure with numerous illustrations to collect!


A French otome game in English.
A complete narrative adventure.
Three different endings, depending on your choices during the story.
An intense romance with each vampire.
A dark and mature universe, soaked with mystery and intrigue.

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Beemoov is an international, free web and mobile games production company. Beemoov develops visual novels, otome games and fashion games such as My Candy Love, Eldarya, Like a Fashionista and Henri’s Secret. The teams are committed to offer players original and unforgettable experiences. “Moonlight Lovers: Ivan” is a free otome game where it is possible to obtain purchased bonuses.


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Moonlight Lovers Ivan user reviews :

They could definitely do better with their AP system but it’s a good game if you’re patient. There’s enough personality in the characters that they don’t feel like they merged with the background and it’s entertaining. If you wanna breeze through stories, I don’t recommend this since they only give you 25 taps a day (43 if you watch all the ads). But, if you’re looking for a good story and you’re willing to wait, this may be it for you.

Really Good game but when I updated it its stuck of the update screen saying that I need to update to the recent version even after its been updated apart from that the storyline is good and I love the characters.

Great story line and AP, but the game runs a bit slow so idk if you guys could maybe fix some of the bugs that’s in the game

Love the storyline, character design and graphics! Just as expected and was also surprised by many features the plot! A roller-coaster of emotions, trust and doubt! I recommend!

This game is brilliant but the ap problem is destroying every thing, i wish the ap was not even there. You got to wait so much time just to get very little amount of ap. I realy want to finish the story but I can’t.

So I play this every day and then one day it says chain validation fail. I have internet but it won’t let me play please help me. I cant get my daily ap or continue playing…..I also try to log in with face book and it said something went wrong even tried to make new account and the same thing

This game could me so much nicer and more profitable to the developer if it didn’t force ppl to have to spend real money every few lines. The price is to dear for such a small ammout of story line.

I love the storyline and small bits of animation, tho I do have a few issues with the gem system. For starters, they only refresh in a day, and 60 gems will litrily only get you four bits of dialog. Not gunu lie, I’m saddened with the fact that I need an immense amount of gems to simply read some dialog. I realy want to get into the story and get to know the characters. That’s pretty much my only issue I have. Note I am only giving constructive criticism and in no way wish to offend anyone.

The story so far is captivating and the art with subtle animation is awesome. … But the cost ratio is ridiculous. I tried to watch ads throughout the day to build up AP but apparently that doesn’t work, it just reset back to 60, as though I’d only watched 1. So I gave in and bought the 3200 AP package. 12 mins. I paid $8 for 12 mins of reading…. I would love if there was an option to pay for the storey after the prologue.

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