Moonlight Wishes – Are they really going to fulfill your dreams

[Game] Moonlight Wishes

Moonlight Wishes  Spirits from the Administrative Office of the Moon have been dispatched to make your dreams come true!

You are a woman who moved to the bustling city to work for a printing company. At first, you thought living in a big city would make you happy, but it turns out that your job is just clerical and repetitive — not a great designer like you dreamt of!

One night, you’re working overtime alone yet again. Stressed out, you go to the rooftop of the company’s building with a beer to wallow in your sorrows. You look up at the sky and see a beautiful full Moon. In desperation, you utter your wish:
“Dear Moon, please change this lonesome and boring life of mine!”

The next morning, you wake up to find three handsome guys right in front of you. They introduce themselves as spirits who have been dispatched from the Moon to make your wish come true! They reveal that the Administrative Office of the Moon has long-selected humans who live sincerely.

We’ll stay at your home while we make your wish come true. You can rely on us!

Are they really going to fulfill your dreams?
What’s going to happen now?
Thus begins your romantic and hilarious life with three handsome Moonspirits!

Sylvain — The Cool Moonspirit
A reserved and composed spirit. If he succeeds in this assignment, he’ll gain recognition for his achievements and be able to live on the Moon freely forever. He’s working tirelessly to “resolve your loneliness,” but since he doesn’t understand human emotions, he sometimes causes trouble…
Will you be able to teach him about human emotions and discover his true feelings too?

Hugo — The Tough Up-and-Comer
Active and tenacious, Hugo is an enthusiastic spirit with a competitive streak. He deems Sylvain a strong rival, so he wants to make your wishes come true by himself. He playfully suggests that he will become your boyfriend, but his overzealousness can sometimes lead to disaster…
Will you be able to uncover the real, sincere desires in his heart?

Ilya — The Gentle Senior
Sylvain and Hugo’s senior and mentor. He’s spent many years traveling Earth, so he’s experienced in handling humans. He always helps you when Sylvain and Hugo cause accidents and treats you with a smile. But it seems like he’s hiding something behind those gentle eyes…
Will you be able to search his hidden past and help him overcome his sad memories?

Moonlight Wishes user reviews :

This was way more enjoyable than I anticipated, I love the friendship vibes. MC gives secondhand embarrassment sometimes but her development is good. Realistic story about struggling at work that’s ordinary enough to be relatable, but still super fun. I laughed a lot reading this one. The boys are multi-dimensional characters, and overall theme is well-executed. The endings are short tho, but still made me smile a lot. Premium scenes aren’t anything special.

its a really good story, I LOVE it !! I can’t stop kinda sucks tho, that they wont let u keep reading..i just wish there where more really thats my only problem..other than that I am so in love with the game!! Please put more tickets on there..i just cant wait 2 hours for 1 ticket..THANKS!!

This is one of the best otome games Genius has made! I am amazed to say that I was full invested in the storyline every second. Normally, the parts that I fully pay attention to when it comes to otome games are the dramatic scenes but I was captivated at every moment with this game. I was close to giving up on otome games but this heartwarming game restored my hope. The best part was that each character has an ending!

I love the story at the beginning it was really funny and in the end I started to tear with joy I love it so much you should try it, And I will cherish this story forever…! (and sorry..Im not good at English)

Omg…This story is so sweet! And so original! I wish there was a season 2 but I dont think there will be one. This story made me cry at the end..It was so good!! My favorite characters were Sylvain Hugo Ilya and last Vino. My favorite parts were when Sylvain was drunk! It was so funny! And damn cute!

The story line and the meaning the game give you is like you have to work hard for the things u truly care for. It teaches you value and how to love at a pace. The characters developed and grew and the storyline was written well. Not to mention that their hot and have their own unique personal. One of the best games

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