Morse Code Translator – Do you need to translate text to morse codes and vice-versa

[App] Morse Code Translator

Morse Code TranslatorMorse Code Translator : Do you need to translate text to morse codes and vice-versa ?

What about learning morse codes easily with configurable speed ? Or getting output in sound – flashlight – vibration ? Morse Code Translator is what you looking for.

Translate Morse To Text and Vice-Versa
You can translate your text to morse codes and morse codes to clear text.

Full Costumizable Speed, Gap (Space), Frequency
You can configure playing speed and farnsworth speed to speed up or slow down. With farnsworth speed, get longer gap, learn morse code easily. Frequency changes the tone of beep.

Play With Sound, FlashLight and Vibration
When the ‘Play’ button is clicked you can take morse code outputs in sound,flashlight and vibration.

Play From Cursor
You can start to play your morse from cursor position. If cursor is not put, playing starts from beginning.

Finger Tap Keyboard
You can type your morse with finger tap keyboard. Short tap is dot, long is dash. Also seperate dot and dash buttons are available. You can configure it.

Instant and Static Handbook
There are two handbook options. For instant handbook, when you press somewhere on output, you can view a dynamic handbook which shows only pressed chars and their neighbours. With static handbook, you can view a handbook includes all characters.

Trackable Playing
You can track letter by letter while morse output is playing.

Save and Load
You can save frequently used text/morse and load them easily next time. It helps you not write same things again and again.

Copiable and Sharable Output
Output area is copiable and sharable. So you can copy your morse code results and paste anything as input or share with another application.

Repeatable Playing
With cycle mode, you can make repeat the output over and over again.

Morse Code Translator helps you to learn morse codes easily and it is very useful tool when you got some work about morse codes.

Morse Code Translator user reviews :

Needs the ability to paste existing Morse code from your clipboard to translate into words. (Unrelated note, the emojis in the description do not help make the app more appealing. They just blend it in with the rest of the garbage apps out there. Don’t lower your app down to those standards)

Does what it does. You know, if you’re making an update, make a log for it. I mean, okay, updates. Woohoo. But what changed? Just a minor thing, indeed. But it gives your users an idea on what you worked on.
  • Apps Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. February 20, 2017
  • Hello sir, thanks for reply and star. I appreciate it. I have changed playing mechanism and user interface recently. But for some devices, my changings made troubles. So this is why i update the app again and again. Sorry for this. Have a good day.

Great app. I love it. It does exacting what I need it to do, and it’s very well made. Thank you for making this, also if I had a choice to press 100 or at least 99 Stars, I would.

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