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[Game] Motor World Bike Factory

Motor World Bike Factory


ESCAPE and ACCELERATE in a world made for you! Build wonderful bikes and ride your favorite: the open road is your playground!

Produce uncommon motorcycles, make up unique models, make your workers happy, build and upgrade your shops, please demanding clients, and challenge your friends in races!


Combine and create over 150 motorcycles! Mopeds, Scooters, Roadsters, Sports Bikes, Trail Bikes, Future Bikes even more fantastic than in your wildest dreams… BUILD ‘EM ALL!
Unlock incredible bikes: from the Crappucino to the Green Torpedo!
Improve your wacky workers!
Upgrade your factory and shops to attract customers!

Be creative! Build bikes that reflect your personality!
Face unexpected challenges and make the right call!
Gain fans all over the world: your reputation depends on it!

Challenge your Facebook friends in races: who will be the fastest?
Make them work for you for free: bikers help each other!
Receive amazing gifts from them!

Complete wild quests to get a lot of Cash!
Meet wacky workers like Popy Wheeling, Big Bron, Uncle Tatoo and many others!

With its crazy situations, its lively characters and its totally out-of-place universe, Motor World : Bike Factory is going to drive you insane !!
Get on your bike, the road is yours!

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Motor World Bike Factory user reviews :

A relatively boring experience at the start. Building is slow, gets a little more fun, and then gets boring again. Extremely pay to win, which if you played the previous game, isn’t a surprise. Most characters are copied over, after all, because thinking of new content besides “what if we did bikes as well” was a bit harder. Don’t expect any innovative changes from the previous game as well. I did enjoy the aesthetic and the pixel style though, which is why it’s got a 2/5 from me.

This game has simply been abandoned half way done. Yes, it is a copy game from its car counterpart, but its just sad how incomplete this is and how it has car terms not translated into bike parts, also events and bikes got so hard to play and build that you are absolutely forced to buy workers with real money if you wanna progress. Just shameful and sad.

The message about saving your game to cloud never goes away. It’s distracting. Having a clean UI with no red punctuation marks would be fantastic, you know? I’ve opened that thing 5 times and saved my game 3 times in a row. It won’t go away. People aren’t dumb enough to completely forget about saving their game. It’s unnecessary.

This game is great. I love the Quests very much, even if you fail, you can still try again and this is the part where you can build bikes to get more and more coins. And it’s very entertaining to see. This app deserves a five-star rating. Great work.

I previously rated this game 5 star. But now I found some issues. While racing the shift up button is not even working I have to press it thousands of times and it shifts extra gears. Needs to be fixed

Same game as the last one. You should have just incorporated them together. No point in playing this game unless you like to give money to someone to play their game. I won’t download it again. That’s for sure. And I kinda urge others not to either.

I know how to get money quicker. Let me teach you! 1. Make a bike 2. Set the price to 1 higher than no wait 3. When the timer is around 3 secs, click out the bike and click in before timer runs out 4. Set the price as high as it goes 5. Sell the bike. This way you can stop waiting for the bike to be sold at max price. Hope it helped! And please don’t tell them to fix this.

Unresponsive UI, sharing accomplishments to Facebook crashes game most of the time. Really sad cause I loved the concept and really want to play it. Unistalled for now will come back in a future patch once problems are solved.

Yes at the start it is slow and boring but as I got in to it it startinged picking up pace building the bikes faster I have a lot of fun playing. I’m just wondering when the next update might be now for the battles.

I’ve played many hours of Car Factory! Love that one and this one, seriously recommend this game if you’re looking to pass some time, plus collecting all those Bikes and making a huge lot is super satisfying.

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