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[Game] Mow My Lawn – Cutting Grass

Mow My Lawn Fight with grass in the Mow My Lawn game.

You need to control the guy with the lawn mover and rid the yard of the grass as fast as you can in this mowing game! Move around the area, cut the thickets and collect fruits and vegetables hidden in the thick of grass.

Do you think it’s pretty easy? Huh, no such luck! Grass grows at the speed of light! You need to mow your lawn and help you neighbors to crop the bushes. Get the turbo lawn mower to cut the grass faster and save the yard!

There are several locations to harvest crops, move from level to level to explore more territories and add different plants to your collection.

Easy controls
Amazing graphics
Addictive gameplay
Beautiful locations
Intuitive interface

Become the fastest gardener in the village with the Mow My Lawn game. Harvest as much crops as you can to win!

Mow My Lawn user reviews :

Cute game but there are way too many ads! Might get to do two “yards” between ads, and that only takes a minute or so. Ridiculous.

This is probably the worst game I have ever played. You get a stinking add every forty seconds. People on the comments suggest that you turn off data. I normally wouldn’t do that because I don’t mind a short add here and there, but this is rediculous. If you want to watch ads the entire time, this is the game for you. Plus the fact that there are only three outfits. I have not been able to figure out what the vegetables and stars are for because there was no explanation

Great game for killing time and is very satisfying. One problem I had is that after level 250 I stopped playing the game and came back and my progress was gone. Another problem is the ads. Edit: I think my issue was fixed, thank you development team! 4 stars.

  • Hi! Thank you for encouraging star rating Keep playing!

Played for about 5 minutes and got bombarded with ads to the point of it becoming unplayable. Read alot of the reviews where the devs respond with the basic copy paste oh were working on reducing them. That didn’t happen or will never happen. Just a repetitive excuse for a money grub. Don’t install this.

I like this game a lot actually. Especially to pass the time with. However, I will admit I would like to see some different lawn designs. Either more grass colors, different backgrounds revealed after the grass is cut. I also noticed a feature that I’m assuming is meant to be for upgrading the lawnmowing gear. However, that feature doesn’t seem to exist if I go to click/tap on it. I’m not sure if it supposed to be something that is presented in a later update or what. It’d be nice to upgrade tho

  • Hey! That is incredible! We’re so glad you gave our game a chance :) We’ll do our best to implement your suggestions. Stay tuned!

It’s very nice, a good time killer but here are some tips to improve it, maybe add level up, upgrades, and things to buy! So the game could be a bit more fun, and I noticed that some lawns have pictures! That’s adorable I got one with a carrot! The only problem I have is a bit to many ads, but I solved it by putting airplane mode on, other then that, it’s an awesome, adorable, and easy game!

I love this game because it’s satisfying. I get stressed alot and when I do I scroll through all 58 of my games and always seem to play now my lawn. This game is a relaxing game where you mow lawns, you can get accessories, new skins, and pets! This game is just fantastic and awesome and relaxing. I also play this before bed, it settles my mind and me down and gets me ready for a good night sleep. So YES I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME! So I hope you read this! Byyyye and I hope you enjoy this game

It’s a pretty decent time waster, if you turn off data. My only major complaint is that it only takes about 2 minutes to max your weedeater, then it’s just grinding for cosmetic items that make zero difference to game play. The graphics are quite nice, and the sound is decent, although the footsteps could be toned down or eliminated entirely. Overall, don’t expect something revolutionary. If you just wanna waste some time, and kill 5-10 minutes, it’s worth the look, just remember: TURN OFF DATA!

  • Hi! Thank you for giving credit to our game. We’ll try to implement the things you’re talking about. Stay tuned!

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