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[Game] Moy 4

Moy 4 Adopt the cute little virtual pet Moy and enjoy countless hours of exciting and fun gameplay.

With life-like emotions, stunning graphics and fluid animations it will feel just as if Moy is real, and you will hopefully love him just like a real pet.

So do you have what it takes to adopt, love, play, dress up, teach, clean and decorate Moy and his little home?

Life-like emotions: Moy will act like a real pet and get happy, sleepy & sad depending on how you treat him.
Nurture: Take care of your Moy by feeding, cleaning, play with and getting him to sleep when he is tired.
Customize: Dress Moy and choose from over 1.000.000 combinations of dresses, shirts, hats, beards & glasses.
Build: Build the house of your dreams by choosing wallpapers, furnitures and decorations.
Garden: Grow your own flowers, flesh-eating plants and mushrooms in the adorable garden.
Stickers: Find and collect lots of virtual stickers of Moy doing silly things!
Music: Create music with the virtual instruments such as: piano, drums & guitar.
Pet evolution: Combine small pets and watch them evolve from eggs to cute creatures.
Mini-games: Play one of the 15 mini-games and earn money!
Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18 different colors and share them with your friends.
Building Blocks: Experience real physics in the building block room.
Aquarium: Take care for fishes and style your own aquarium.

Moy 4 user reviews :

I like this app, but there is a bug. For example, sometimes when I shot the ball, that can’t work, when I tried it again, that also can’t. Similarly to Moy 1, i only rate 3 stars.

Nice game, especially when it’s only the 4th version! Although i get bombarded with ads of the new game, you can try it! But it’ll take more space. The evolution game is especially fun when you’re an evolution games pro player.

all the minigames are so fun! espeially the one where the small shapes jump on your umbrella hat! in my mind, im begging for them not to fall. the graphics are good and all, but the closed eyes are kinda… y’know… TOO detailed. they kinda scare me.

Review by John Paul Sundeen : Wonderful game as a hetrosexual guy who likes cute and fun games I feel I really hit the jackpot when I downloaded this app I look forward to playing this with my juvenile stepdaughter, which by the way is cutter then a puppy and a kitten playing in a basket with a bow on , a side note of that visual metaphor I actually do plan to make a vid of a puppy and a kitten playing in a basket both with a present like bow on , anyway definitely worth the download get it now.

Brings back so many memories when I used it play games from the talking tom games, pou, baby bus and ofc moy 5 stars for making my childhood better and actually helping me to draw! This app really helped me before I thought I couldn’t draw but this really helped me and gave me inspiration!

I love this game! I played it when I was younger and forgot the name but I’ve finally found it! It’s nice to see a app game where the devs clearly put in lots of effort and don’t litter the game with adds every 2 seconds I’ll

This game is really good means outstanding the amount of dress are not to high and look pretty .Moy is really a cute little pet and a I like it most .It has only fewer add that is the strong point . Thanks Frojo apps for this auspicious game I had played most of the game of Frojo app and ai like the most is moy 1-6 and I like this moy 4 the most interesting as well as it has many mini games and that are interested. And I again wanted to thank Frojo app for this cute and beautiful

Moy is sooooo Adorable!!! Dear haters of Moy, This game is fun just try it all out Turn off your Wi fi so ads can’t get in the way. If you think it’s not educational, it’s really educational. You can learn to pet games like Pou, or all of the virtual games…. It’s ok if my review is not helpful… The important thing is.. You can’t pet Moy, you can’t pet any virtual games… I know what you’re thinking “Any virtual games are not educational…” But that’s what you only think

This is a very nice game for entertainment . It have just got 29 mega bite and it have also all the games you want like basketball, driving… it is for the girls and the boys too .♡ love this game, best wishes

Hey Frojo Apps! I love your apps So much that I got suggestions For Moy 4! Can you add customizations for colors for the frog in cross the road? New cars In the car game? (The game that you drag the car side to side and avoid the cars.)9 New rooms like 5 new evolution rooms, a new school room for teaching,and 3 new spots for the backyard? New color customizations? A mini game based on Moy’s World? Clothes from Moy 3,2 ,and 1?

Love the game but I think they need to put unicorn outfit

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