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Multiple Photo CropMultiple Photo Crop : Best app to crop and resize multiple images at ones.

It has the following advantages:

No ads, commercials or full-screen banners;
Possibility to select multiple photos for cropping and resizing
Works offline;
Image file explorer functionality;
Different forms for cropping: square, circle, round corners;
Image resize;
Round corners crop;
Facebook photo share;
Select path to save the cropped photo;
Easy to use, in two clicks image is ready;
Can be used with file explorer applications;
Works very well on all devices, including newest versions;
Custom width and height for the crop view;
Possibility to open recently selected images.
Custom or predefined aspect ratio of the photo crop view – 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, 16:9;
Contains only authorized Google libraries therefore your personal information will be safe while using this application.

If you encountered a bug or app crash write an email with detail description to me, I will try to fix it in next app release. Have a nice day

Multiple Photo Crop user reviews :

This seems to be just the app I’ve been looking for! Unfortunately, on Android 14, only the OS file picker works, not the file explorer. It seems to not have a permission that it needs – but it doesn’t ask for it and without that I can’t manually give it in the system settings either. So I can only edit one image at a time and have to manually add it each time, which is annoying. As soon as it’s updated for Android 14 it’ll get 5 stars and a gold unlock from me!

The app would be good if it weren’t for a few things. 1. You should be able to remove all photos you’ve already saved from your editing group. 2. You should be able to delete all saved photos originals from gallery. 3. Once finished cropping a photo it should move to yhe next one automatically. 4. It needs to stop glitching. For example, I just spent about an hour editing 700 photos. It glitched and deleted ALL that progress so now I have to restart

Works as described. Easily crops multiple images with a few steps. Some drawbacks: Increases the file size (from my 5mb camera capture, to 15mb cropped image); When selecting “Crop & save” option, it prompts you everytime it crops/save each image = so if you multi-crop 10 images, you’ll be prompted 10 times (it wont continue unless you confirm the prompt) Hopefully the issues ive discussed above can be resolved. Otherwise, its a great cropping tool.

This app is amazing, I bought the gold version so that I can use the multi custom res, also, I think that the custom res needs another improvement. I’d like the custom res to prompt me to pick the area of cropping but the res is fixed. because I was kinda disappointed that this app doesn’t have the feature but I think that will be a huge improvement and I will give 5 stars if the Dev gives that feature.

  • Hi, thanks for feedback, I’m implementing this feature right now, it will be ready in next app version.

Great app easy to crop multiple images. I just select all the images I want to crop. Then edit. I like that I don’t have find each image in a particular folder and load them one by one when I want to crop. This app makes its easy like doing it batch multiple photos as the title states.

Thank for the update which takes on my suggestion that the App puts the filename on the front to identify the source image (I am pleased to update my review) Would be nice if there was an option to reduce your choice of high resolution output (where the cropped images end up twice the size of the source) Low, Medium or High resolution selectable by the User.

Please tell me how to see what the crop coordinates are, I can’t for the life of me find how to crop multiple images with the same preset. I have the paid version. I want to crop all images into a circle but midway down the image. Like please tell me the steps to apply the same edit to multiple photos.

Love it! Well worth downloading!! Went gold in a few minutes! Have one request – please can you enable the app to be moved to the micro SD card? Will go to 5 stars if you can do this in an update. This is a 5 star app, but really needs to be able to be moved to SD card. Please consider my request. Thanks!

Does exactly what is says

Great app with great material design. Would love to have the ability to crop a single image multiple times in a single session. For example: Make selection and press save then move selection and save again, etc. That feature would make this app perfect for my needs.

It’s not the bad of an app but it can be better if there was an option that where ever you put your cropped photo (For example let’s say I crop the top right) it should crop the other pictures the same place you cropped the last photo(If I cropped the top right,I want it to also crop the top right of the other pictures).I hoped this helps.
  • Bostan Constantin
  • Hi, thanks for feedback, I will think about this functionality for the next app release.

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