Munchkin io – Achieve the crown and gain glory

[Game] Munchkin io – Clash of Crowns!

Munchkin ioMunchkin io :Welcome to – Clash of Crowns.

Meet the real-time multiplayer game.

Fight the enemies and monsters with cute characters and raise the level. At every level you can learn new skills or get new items. Achieve the crown and gain glory. Gather gold and get new characters, items, and skills

Real-time multiplay
Easy to learn
Cute and charming characters
At every play different skill tree
Costumes that stimulates the desire to collect

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Munchkin io user reviews :

Great game for sure. Basic gameplay much like a lot of .io games (mooch around a level, hoovering up all the dots you can to advance your level) but this game does it better than most. Lots of characters, in3 different classes, with a lot of customisation options (outfits, weapons and abilities) to keep you well busy. What I like the best though, and this is very rare indeed of late, is you can play without spending a penny, and compete with players who chose to spend. No ad badgering either. So

When there is a communication error, the button says “yes” on the notification box. Please change to “okay” or “Try again”. Also skills like intimidation cast faster than others. And some skills feel extremely slow or useless because you have to push the skill button like 5 times to cast it. This is a big issue that makes the game feel 1 sided and pointless to try sometimes. Also the cast timer for first aid should be (1.00-(x) where x is equal to attack speed or add a update and add a skill cast speed to each character.

honestly. I’m not one to review games this game is different than others the cartoonish characters are fun and have a rag doll like quality it let’s you pick between 3 instead of find the items randomly like in others. it depends on your main or your warrior. the mains are really different and well thought out. its extremely addictive the second you die you wanna go back in and get your revenge!!! it’s a small game but worth it oh did I mention No ads? yeah theres no ads.

Fun game, wish I could change up my talents when max level though, it would create more oppenings for people to slip up (changing in mid battle since you have to be on a different screen thus rendering you open to attack). the tides could quickly change but also gives players thr chance to fiddle around with game mechanics. id like to see clan enabled stuff

Enjoyable and entertaining. Can lose hours or even entire weekends to this simplistic yet addicting game… Although there are way too many ads for my tastes. Eliminate the ads, or at the very least, reduce the amount of ads, and I will update this review to 5 stars.

Pls add more characters weapons and spells also a bigger map in next update love this game thanks

Its ok. Needs pvp instead of pve as its a battle royal

I would like to see a level cap raise! And possibly some for of capture the flag or similar, teamwork game mode!

Great game PVP is a bit unfair but in all a really great game

I love a game like this you guys should play

It is the perfect game to play when you want to relax

Pretty good. The map needs to be bigger maybe.

Is really fun, wish it had a little more to the character layout though

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