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Muscle RushMUSCLE RUSH – The running game that’s really ripped!

Hey, feeling shrimpy? Instead of trying the latest miracle workout or chugging protein shakes, muscle up in MUSCLE RUSH, the fun new running game that can turn anyone into a perfect specimen of bulging humanity in a whole lot less than seven days.

Get buff, get tough, and strut your stuff as you run through challenging  obstacle courses! Smash through barriers, swat aside hoodlums, grab all the energy drinks and batteries you can, and get ready to pound at your screen in thrilling arm-wrestling boss battles to defeat an ever-wilder array of muscle-bound bullies.

Do you have what it takes to become the beefiest runner in MUSCLE RUSH? Sprint, spin, and crash your way through wood, glass, brick, metal, and more in your quest to get swole! Hope you didn’t skip leg day, pipsqueak!

Keep on running!

Real dynamic tension! Fast and ferocious gameplay with an endless variety of obstacle courses to blast your way through. Watch your muscles grow as you power up!

The rewards are greater for every obstacle you power through, but each of them also drains your strength. To get to the end, brute force won’t be enough—you’ll need a little strategy too! Show that you have the brains to match your brawn!

Upgrade your musclehead with tons of fun skins! Collect a huge range of wacky characters as you progress through levels, from traditional strong men to gym bros, athletes, wrestlers, superheroes and more. Customize your musculature to achieve maximum strength!

Smash the right obstacles and collect keys to earn cash, and then upgrade your punch to ensure you’ve got the strength to swat aside bullies, gold bars, and even solid metal doors.

Face off in epic arm-wrestling boss fights to put your biceps to the test. Have you ever gone toe-to-toe with a buff alien or a ripped granny? In MUSCLE RUSH, you can!

Ensure you’re really ripped when your workout ends, and finish the obstacle course by breaking your way through a final series of brick walls—the further you get, the greater your rewards and the wilder your celebratory dance moves! Break-dance and boogie on top of the wreckage!

Body building has never been so much fun! This game’s beautifully toned graphics and immensely satisfying sound effects mean in this workout there’s no pain for plenty of gain.

The game that turns chumps into champs!

Power through obstacle courses and leave a trail of destruction in your wake. Smash that install button and hit the ground running in MUSCLE RUSH!

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Muscle Rush user reviews :

It is a very good game, I don’t mind the ads! And it is very fun, You can crush bad people, And break walls! It is easy to get muscles which means it is more fun! And, You can get strong, and do the hand thing ig? Plus, It’s easy to get coins! And I wonder why people rate this under 5 it is a perfect game! There’s a tiny problem tho, there should be something to make it harder, like harder obstacles! Cause when you’re on like level 50 it’s still easy, anyways perfect game! 99/100

This game is hilarious. The game takes a normal running game, and creates a unique spin off of it. The buff meter is a nice, and humourous, mechanic that makes you consider the path you follow, and whether or not you should take certain risks. The addition of the side games every few levels also keeps it interesting. The game has a good amount of personalization, giving you a large pool of characters and hats. Ads are included, but are not aggressively placed. All in all just a fun game.

The game is best for me and you graphic parsantange 100/98 2 marks is low because the wall crack and 2 pirsent hang so 2 minus low marks and very good game and funnnnn nnn and 1 star low because no update and changes but skills and character is best and hat oooo very special but money is high and no aads.

There’s a lot of interesting Characters and Hats to unlock. The levels are the same though, run through an obstacle course then face another character in an arm wrestling match or break through a series of brick walls. As repetitive as it was, I still enjoyed the game. I unlocked all but 2 characters and 3 hats. 4/5!!

The game is fun and enjoyable but it need to cut down the ads, ads times and sometimes the ads will send to the play store even though I pressed the x button, also it needs more skins like the man from the logo in muscle rush and the other bosses when you arm wrestle them. And how to unlocked those skins is every time you arm wrestle them and win and you unlock them in your character slot. And you can add a endless running mode where the character get buffer and buffer and knocking down walls.

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