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My Block  Welcome to My Block – a challenging and addictive block game that is a lot of fun!

Welcome to the My Block Universe! It is a novice-friendly addictive game, that changes constantly during the game OR (as the game progresses), ensuring that you never get bored. You can only win if your mind is clear and your logic is strong. Perfect your game by improving your high score!

It’s not just an ordinary block puzzle game, but a whole new gaming world based on a traditional concept that’s a refreshing update update to familiar gameplay.

Main features:

Simple rules, comfortable control
Smooth animation and splendid graphic design
Two Modes: Normal and Challenging
Variety of tests of your ability using various difficulties, game board sizes, etc.
Variety of tools to reach new levels
Beat your score with a continuous progression of challenges
Daily challenges for long-lasting gameplay

Normal mode:
Use your best skills and strategies to score as much as possible in one round
Easy to use game board, no time limit to beat

Challenges mode:
Varied difficulties and goals
Different board sizes and creative stages
Remove more lines to receive better prizes

How to play:
Move blocks across the board
Use blocks to form horizontal or vertical lines, which will disappear from the board
Once the block is fixed on the board, it can’t be moved.
The round is finished when there’s no space for new blocks

Contact us:
We would be happy if you tell us any advice and suggestion about our game.
Our email address:[at]

Our goal is to deliver you a great gaming experience, so we will constantly work on making My Block more interesting and positive.

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My Block user reviews :

This game is GREAT. I xan complain on sound/music which is playing when you pass a level – can be something more HAPPY than it is now, SAD one. Also on higher levels there are bugs with some blocks which a re not visible on the screen but THEY ARE on the screen. So one must play guessing where this box is. Otherwise, the game is Fantastic, soon on level 1000

It is not progressively more difficult. You just get new and different challenges, so it remains fun. Some levels will be super hard, but then the next is easier. I really like the variety. ***The app is very buggy lately. They fixed bugs on 6/24 and now it is stuck on level 1615 because it won’t give anything but plain blocks.

For a long time I have been looking for a wood block puzzle that presented all the missing pieces at the start. Many games show that in their advertisements and come ons. But when you play the game you get presented the same old sudco grid with three pieces. My Block is the only game that delivers what it advertises.

I really like playing this game. However, like other users I reached level 1578 and got stuck. I tried to play this level for longer periods of time thinking I would eventually be able to finish. Didn’t work, I got tired of it. Deleted app and reinstalled, and got bumped back to level 1.

I love the challenge and variety of what I’ve done so far. This is my first time playing this game. It is refreshingly different than any other block games I’ve been playing. I’m 72 and need to give my brain a lot of fun exercise.

I absolutely love this game but like everyone else I’m stuck on 1578. The additional red and blue blocks do not appear so you’re stuck. Could you please, please fix this. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it , restarted my phone nothing works. There’s a glitch on 1578

Really excellent. Ads are fairly incorporated and gameplay relaxing but still a little challenging as levels progress. A lot of money grab apps could take a look at these guys to see monetisation done well.

Unable to complete Game number 1578 on latest version You have forgot to add colours to the squares….the game starts with one blue one red, then just plain blocks continue to appear after that, therefore unable to move onto next game

Love the game, on level 1578 and now nothing have blue & red to clear but nothing chances even after clear board still say 7&7 no other blocks with colors appear to clear. BORING!!!! Will wait see if correct by tmw if not unstalling. ( this is day 2)

Love this game, however level 1578 is a defective board. After the initial 2 colored blocks there are no more colored blocks to complete the level. PLEASE fix.

I like this game but like everyone else im stuck on 1578. No color blocks are given and i have played and cleared the board 10xs thinking it would finally give me colors … and still no colors. Very frustrating.

It’s so nice to have a block game with level and challenges rather than just beating your own high score.

It is a good game to keep your mind occupied and your concentration

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