My Corgi – Love your Corgi while he becomes part of your daily life

[Game] My Corgi – Virtual Pet

My Corgi  Meet Corgi, your new best friend! Corgi is just like a real pet, so you have to take care of him by feeding, cleaning and playing with him.

Love your Corgi while he becomes part of your daily life and he will love you back! If you take really good care of Corgi he will also grow up to become even more beatiful.

Corgi is very playful, and he would love to play with you in one of the 70 super fun Mini-Games. Buy super cool clothes, decorations, furnitures and customize your Corgi in any way you want with the money you earn from the Mini-Games. After playing all day make sure to feed Corgi with either nutritious fruits or sweet candy!


Design your own home
Tend to your Garden and plant new flowers
Play more than 70 mini-games!
Purchase fishes for your aquarium
Dress to impress, choose from hundreds of different clothing options
Dig, explore and craft new items to build your own world
Cook your own delicious food by combining ingredients
Develop your logical thinking with over 20 puzzle games
Take care of your corgi, he needs your help to
Your corgi grows when you level up
Manage your own Zoo
30+ awesome songs for you enjoy
Paint freely with different colors
And so much more…

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What are you waiting for?! Download your own pet today, it is free!

My Corgi user reviews :

It’s cute but i wish the games were better, more fun and that you could earn points quicker or that you wouldn’t need any to customize the house.One of the big issues i had with it is that some games are confusing and there was either no instructions or too short/not enough info.Uninstalling it.

I like this game so much but there is a piano minigame in which we have to clock the black tile and not to click the white tile so,when i take a break of even 1secit pauses and i hate this. But please try this game

This game is amazing keep going with new ones and this game have a lot of mini games i love it so much coz no.1 that i love of this game is it has a virtual pet no.2 is it had a lot of mini games a zillion tumbs up and thank you byee

This game is awesome! It’s full of mini games to play as well. I’m obsessed with corgis so I will honestly love anything that has to do with a corgi. I thought this was going to be a stupid and cheesy app but I must say I was impressed with it. It’s pretty fun! Others who saw me playing with it actually downloaded it too. No joke. Good pass time.

I had the pug and the bear games previously. Great games. Great variety of minigames. I’ve had one issue though, that I put my pets to sleep and exit the app, yet when I come back to the app my pets are outta bed and restless. I thought they would stay in bed sleeping where I left them.

I LOVE THIS GAME! I dont have a corgi cuz i realized that its too expensive so i downloaded this game and its really fun SO MUCH BETTER than real life NICE WORK KEEP GOING!

A very interesting game,a main theme with lots of different tiny games to pass time by! 10 thumbs up !

I love the corgi he is very cute and I love the games too thank you so much for the corgi plz make more! also I love CORGIS! But I don’t have a Corgi.

Very nice game! I made it 5 star because these Frojo Apps games are my favorite since I was in first grade, I hope it’ll help you make more games like this and I love Frojo Apps since then, on the another hand, Corgi is so cute I just named him Corgilou!! I wish I had another one kind of doggy like this! Or even a panda I guess

Its is so much fun and it has a lot of fun extra games. You can customize a lot of stuff and you dont have to spend a lot of coins since the corgi doesn’t go hungry fastly and this is by far my favorite game iv had

This game is cool when i play some games on corgi dog is cool and all the costume please add some coollest hair and shirt pls

Very cute corgi. Mine is grey with dark red hair and a black dress. I also think you should make a game when you have the look after one of those cute things in the corner of every corgi room.

I gave it a four because of the creepy face and dance moves,also because there shpuld be more players to play with and the outside place should be expanded yeah then the good part is that the game is like my talking angle and i love that game it reminds me of this so yeah keep up the good work guys

I just remember this game I played a few years ago and I was obsessed from this game I had like 1000 coins I was about to save money to buy everything but I deleted by accident and now am gonna download this game cuz I love the game if there two like my corgi 2 please another one I recommend to play this so thank u for making this and I love dogs add another one

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