My Diggy Dog 2 – Help them find out what happened to Clara

[Game] My Diggy Dog 2

My Diggy Dog 2  A couple of adventurers named Christopher and Clara once traveled the world in search of ancient treasure and the secrets of the universe.

During one of their expeditions they met a cute puppy and named him Marty. Since then he has always traveled with them and is passionate about adventure and digging.

While hunting down a mysterious artifact called the Heart of Space, Clara suddenly disappeared. Exhausted from searching, Christopher returned to camp, where his faithful friend Marty was looking for him. Heartbroken, the experienced adventurer almost gave up on archaeology.

But Marty noticed that his friend was sad, so he became courageous and went alone to look for Clara. The dog found an ancient map with the words “Heart of Space” and something resembling a portal on it. He brought the map to Christopher, which made him excited.

Plucking up their courage, Christopher and Marty decided to finish what they’d started and find the portal to the Heart of Space. Who knows? Maybe this ancient artifact will help them find out what happened to Clara.

About the game:
The gameplay combines the genres of digger and platformer. During their adventures the player will explore dungeons full of challenging puzzles and find a variety of equipment, countless artifacts, and a large space for new discoveries.


Journey to various locations
A large map to explore in any direction
Hidden collectible artifacts
Large dungeons full of traps and puzzles
Unique digging mechanics
Exciting bonus levels
A dynamic upgrade system
A touching story full of twists
Stunning graphics
Lots of pleasant details in the game world

Have fun!

My Diggy Dog 2 user reviews :

Great game, fun platforming and cute graphics. No way to turn off the sound, but I’m not too worried about that. No way to report bugs, and I’m having a problem. The moving platforms in a couple of levels get stuck, making these levels impossible to complete. Maybe powerups would help, but the materials to make them are scarce and there is no guide to how they work, so I wasted all of my uses trying to figure them out and now cannot make any more.

The game is pretty good and it is much better than Diggy dog 1. Still there are some things missing. 1. Settings. There is no way to turn off the sound. 2. Controls. Add an option to drag them apart. I’ve lost countless times because I was tapping to go left or right and the dog was digging down. 3. Materials. We need more materials to craft power ups. Edit: 4. add a level preview. Make it possible to plan ahead and not run into traps losing energy for nothing.

I want to play more, but the controls are a bit slow to respond and small errors cause players to restart levels, which results in an ad, which grinds everything to a halt. Too frustrating and no fun in the end, and so the app was deleted. Developers need to realize that turning away players with too many ads means decreased revenue in the end.

Great challenging game and super cute! Makes you really think about your future moves. Only wish there were less ads like every few deaths rather every single time. I’ve died or restarted plenty of times and at times it got annoying. But still a fun game to play, can’t wait for the next update!

I absolutely love this app I think it’s the best app I have on my phone right now but the thing I most love are the graphics and that it doesn’t lag whatsoever it’s an amazing app and I really recommend it for others also.

Please make the game full screen for Galaxy Note 10 + I hate the black bar covering the camera hole.

Awesome game! Great addition to the first Diggy Dog!

Awesome but cant find settings bar

The levels are simple…and dull graphics i expected a lot..

Best graphic and best game play.

Nice game. I like this game too much.

I Love this game and their concept

Good make but I only like my diggy dog not this one

It’s great to play and kills time

I love this game!

Awsome game I hope the hole world plays it!!!

Wow, me sorprendió lo bueno que es. El juego en mi opinión tiene buena historia, tiene buen arte, muy buenas animaciones es muy entretenido y me ha dejado más que satisfecho

Amazing game

I like the other one better its my preference how he finds things. I like that way better

Latest Update :

Minor bugs were fixed
Some animations were updated
New languages were added

Contact developer :


Video :

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