My Little Princess – Have fun in the Magic Kingdom streets

[Game] My Little Princess

My Little Princess

Grab your bags and visit all shops and stores in the Princess’ Magic Kingdom!

Explore the medieval town, visit all the streets and meet happy people! Enter the shops and clothing stores, check if they are open and find clothes and accessories that you can buy. My Little Princess games are perfect for kids to play, discover the fun, and create their own stories.


Fair is in Town! Enjoy princess fair games and have fun in the Magic Kingdom streets. Do you like shopping or visiting a clothing store? Play and discover all the amazing discounts, purchase the groceries in the grocery shop, buy a puppy from the pet store and discover all the magic in this Princes game for girls.


Play shopping games and explore the Princess’ Magic Kingdom and all streets. Who doesn’t like fairs and carnivals when all the shops and stores are open for visitors. Buy beautiful clothes and other things!

Get some yummy ice cream in the street store? Get new princesses’ pets, cats, or other friends in the pet shop? Everything is possible in My Little Princess games for girls! All dollhouses are made so the kids can have fun, play and discover new ways to create their own stories. Download My Little Princess grocery store game today!


Our Magic Kingdom has many characters. Enjoy dress up games for girls, find a perfect costume and dress like a Princess. Buy a new make-up and ensure that your doll is the prettiest one in Magic Kingdom. My Little Princess games for girls are for all who love fashion, styling & pets! Play dress up games for girls all day and be a Little Princess.

Visit a shop & clothing store, play dress up games and customize all the characters. Our fun shopping games allow you to play and discover amazing dollhouses! Visit a hairstyle shop, fly with the air balloon, get a new pet from a pet store or find a perfect dress in this dress up game for girls! It’s all about you, how the story will go and which dollhouse you will visit.


10 NEW shops and stores to explore in this dollhouse game
Enter Jewellery shop or Clothing Store, Grocery, Garden Flower shop and more
Buy a cute pet in the Pet store
Have fun in the Carousel – fair game for girls
Play dress up games with many costumes
New My Little Princess game characters: witch, prince, knight and more
Make a shopping list and play grocery store game for girls
Love shopping games? Find a grocery shop & store and check for a discount!
Fly with BALLOON, play and discover a Magic Kingdom
Enjoy Interactive shopping games for girls
Bring other characters from other My Little Princess games
Visit a medieval Town and explore all dollhouses
Play fair games and buy nice things in the clothing Stores
Princess games are fun!

Play the My Little Princes Shop game for girls. Shops and groceries are waiting for you to buy new accessories, food and clothes. Play dress up games and customize characters in this grocery store game!


Welcome to a grocery store game for girls where your little ones will learn new things and be creative. All our princess games will improve kids’ creativity and imagination. Let your kids enjoy buying groceries and food they like! Explore all streets in the My Little Princess Shop game.

Visit Magic Kingdom, explore the Fair and all shops & stores! Play shopping games for girls all day. My Little Princess game for girls.

My Little Princess Shops & Grocery Store game is for all girls who dream of being a princess and love shopping.

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My Little Princess user reviews :

I love the game, but there are a few glitches. One, I can’t unstack items unless I exit the game (I have to exit the game for each stacked item). And two, a magic turquoise potion won’t move after it respawned in the second level of the fashion shop/house….Please fix these issues, and I’ll give 5 stars

It is a fun game but recently it had a glitch. I went onto stores but everything was reset. And when I went to get my character,it wasn’t there! I closed the app,then it would keep stopping a minute after I get into the app, it was the same for the other games in the series. I tried reseting(powering off and turning back on my device)that didn’t work either, and now here I am right now,it is still not working

I love the game and I play it every day but I don’t like it because you need data to unlock the princess and the other characters some of the characters in the game or open and some closed it doesn’t make sense

Hi my name is Linda and I really sent this app is good if you say this out please get it this is so good and amazing I love this I help it’s the best out ever if you like this type of mermaids see something game you could definitely get it.

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